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Granbo Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaning of metal parts

At Granbo we know that the high performance demands of metal parts cleaning doesn’t stop at the cleaning process. The industrial Metal cleaning process demands reliability and performance each and every time. Unless a surface is free of lubricants, oils and other imperfections it’s not clean enough for further operations. Both Soils and Metals change in Metal Finishing, and our experienced team of Granbo engineers adapt and innovate to meet new and growing demands and challenges whether from oils and coolants, metals, smut, oxides, additives or abrasive compounds.

Granbo offers safe and effective metal finishing products which address a wide range of manufacturing requirements, for cleaning and protecting metal parts.

These industrial Metal Finishing products like modified alcohols are designed to meet the production criteria regarding metals, process, and soils. We have products to clean and brighten brass, clean and protect aluminum, remove carbon smut from deep drawn steel or general metal degreasing. It all depends on the metal cleaning needs of our customers.

Machines suitable for cleaning metal parts

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  • Metal Parts Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • 58L Ultrasonic Cleaner Industrial Machine Car Lab Engine Instrument Metal Material Oil Rust Carbon Degrease Removal
  • Metal Parts Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • Industrial ultrasonic cleaner system for gun saw blade parts hardware parts dpf industrial ultra sonic cleaning machine

What can be cleaned?

Ultrasonics can cleanEfficiently removing
repair and overhaul partsmoldingdustcontaminants
filtersdie platesgrimebuffing/polishing compounds
fuel systemsmolds and plastic cratesoilsmold release agents
porous metalplastic and rubber moldinggreasedirt
pleated metalinjection molds, dies, and toolsmold and mildewsediment
woven screensspinneretsvarnishes and paintsrusts
fiber metal feltbreaker platesmetal shavingsmetal shavings
slotted wireextrusion toolinglubricantsmold
filters with alloysstamping equipmentcarcinogensmildew
fabricated and machined partsfabricated partsmolds, mildewheat scale
transmissions and drivetrainssubassembliescarbonschemicals
drivetrain componentsinjectorsunwanted surface materialsvarnishes and paints
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