The Most Effective Solution For Cleaning Your Firearm

Granbo Ultrasonic Cleaner For Guns

Ultrasonic gun cleaning machine

Gun Cleaning

How much time do you spend on traditional gun cleaning methods? There are more than 10 parts to a firearm when it is completely disassembled and some complex parts are still difficult to wipe clean to reach all surfaces of the parts to be cleaned.

The fastest and most effective way to clean your firearm is with a Granbo Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner. Heated ultrasonic gun cleaners produce more sonic power than the competition and are specifically designed for gun parts, along with the most effective cleaning frequencies set specifically for firearms, and use only durable and long-lasting components, including premium stainless steel tanks. Uses industry-leading ultrasonic technology to clean and lubricate your firearm parts faster and better than any other cleaning system on the market.

Principle Of Ultrasonic Cleaning

Gun ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly through the transducer, the power ultrasonic frequency source of acoustic energy into mechanical vibration, through the cleaning tank wall will be ultrasonic radiation to the cleaning liquid in the tank. Due to the radiation of ultrasonic waves, so that the micro bubbles in the liquid in the tank can be under the action of sound waves thus maintaining vibration. Destroy the adsorption of dirt and cleaning parts surface, causing fatigue damage to the layer of dirt and be barge away, gas-type bubbles of vibration to the solid surface scrubbing.

Ultrasonic cleaning is a physical process, but also faster and more effective than traditional cleaning methods.

Ultrasonic gun cleaning machine

Grnabo GM1870 Multifunctional ultrasonic cleaner for guns

  • Brand:Granbo
  • Model:GM1870
  • Capacity: 70L
  • Place of origin: Shenzhen, China
  • Warranty: one year warranty, lifetime maintenance
  • Ultrasonic power: 900W(adustable)
  • Operating frequency: 28/40KHz
  • Heating power: 1500W
  • Inner slot size: 1400*250*200mm
  • Overall dimension:1600*450*600mm(subject to reality)
  • Package size:subject to reality
  • Net weight/gross weight: 14.3/15.5kg
  • Using power:AC110V-120V/60Hz | AC220V-240V/50Hz
  • Lead time:
    Quantity(units)1 – 23 – 5>5
    Est. time (days)715To be negotiated

Cleanable gun applications

Efficiently removing:dirt, dust, and sediment,carbons buildup,dissolves oil,oil and grease,powder residue,soot and smoke,residues,fingerprint,metal shavings,dust particles,rust from metal parts,sweat stains,etc.

  • pistol
  • handgun
  • machine gun
  • musket
  • assault rifle
  • Semi-automatic rifle
  • (micro-sound) sniper rifle
  • light/medium/heavy machine gun
  • submachine gun
  • combat shotguns
  • revolver
  • air gun
  • rimfire
  • spray gun
  • tattoo guns and tubes
Cleanable gun applications
  • Gun Accessories Maintenance
  • Gun Parts Cleaning
  • barrel, chamber,
  • bolt, bolt head, bolt lug
  • Bolt Carrier
  • Gas tube,magazine
  • piston action, actions
  • upper/lower receivers
  • triggers assemblies
  • sights, micro-optical sights
  • bipods
  • pistol tool
  • Hunting Gear, cutlery, knives, cutting and chopping tools
  • Shooting Gear, M7 bayonet
  • recoil spring
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