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Is ultrasonic cleaning machine is harmful to human body? Ultrasonic cleaning machine really has radiation?

There are always people worried about whether the ultrasonic cleaning machine is harmful to the human body? The answer is no harm. To explain this problem, first of all, we need to understand the principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine.

In ultrasonic cleaning, the use of ultrasonic cavitation in the liquid to achieve the purpose of cleaning. Those who are worried about whether the ultrasonic cleaning machine is harmful to the human body are actually worried about whether ultrasound is harmful to the human body.

Ultrasonic waves are characterized by high frequency, good directionality and strong penetrating power. The generation of ultrasound is generated by the vibration of the object, belongs to the normal physical phenomenon, there will be no radiation and other hazards. As a simple example: Ultrasound in hospitals is based on the principle of ultrasound, so ultrasound is harmless to the human body.

And sound waves do have a sound wave frequency band harmful to the human body, namely infrasound. The principle of infrasound harm is that high-energy infrasound causes resonance in the internal organs of the body, making the amplitude of the internal organs larger. Mild dizziness, vomiting, and even death.

However, although the ultrasonic cleaning machine is harmless to the human body, but it does affect the mood. We all know that the human ear can not hear the ultrasound, but for some reason, ultrasonic cleaning machine in the work will produce noise. The lower the frequency band, the greater the noise, especially high-powered low-frequency ultrasonic cleaning equipment, the noise is quite large. This is also one of the few adverse effects of ultrasonic cleaning machine.

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