How to customize ultrasonic cleaning machine and what factors need to be considered?

With the increase in the diversity of the market public demand, when the standard model of ultrasonic cleaning machine can not meet their own needs, you do not have a desire to customize their own ultrasonic cleaning machine equipment idea?

Ultrasonic Cleaner
Ultrasonic Cleaner

Every year Granbo technology can receive a lot of custom ultrasonic cleaning machine orders, but for customers, if you want to customize the ultrasonic cleaning machine, then you have to consider some of the necessary factors.

Custom ultrasonic cleaning machine need to consider the 8 factors

1、Functional needs

First have to clarify their functional needs, ultrasonic cleaning machine is now common features with heating, timing functions, double wave degassing, power adjustable, variable wave, PLUS, PLC panel, filtering cycle, drying, spraying, rinsing, condensing, throwing, lifting, bubbling and other functions.

2、Tank material

The main material on the market is 304 stainless steel. If weak acid and weak alkali are needed, 316 stainless steel is recommended. In order to get strong acid and alkali resistance, it is recommended to use titanium plate. Please pay attention to the matching between the cleaning solution and the tank material.

3、Size of water tank

Design the water tank according to the size of the items to be cleaned and the quantity of each cleaning. Determine the size of the water tank for your own needs, you can design and produce the size according to your requirements.

4、Ultrasonic power

Ultrasonic power determines the cleaning intensity. And power is different, can play a different stain cleaning effect, some types of stains using low-power ultrasonic cleaning equipment, then not only will take a long time, there may be left stain residue, and with high-power ultrasonic cleaning equipment can be very easy to clean the stain, this is because, the greater the power of ultrasonic cleaning equipment the greater its cavitation strength will be able to effectively improve the cleaning effect But not every workpiece needs high power to clean, so you have to know their own needs or detailed consultation ultrasonic cleaning machine service providers need that power.

5、ultrasonic frequency

The higher the frequency, the lower the intensity, the stronger the penetration. The smaller the frequency, the stronger the intensity, the weaker the penetration. The common frequency on the market is 40KHz and 28KHz. if you want to clean small objects with large blind holes, you can choose the 40KHz ultrasonic cleaner. If the surface needs to be cleaned, 28 KHz is preferred.

However, if you need to have small gaps, slits and deep holes in the parts of the cleaning should choose high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning equipment, and clocks and other extremely fine parts cleaning can be used with FM function of the equipment better. Therefore, in the ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers to customize the time to understand the frequency range of ultrasonic cleaning equipment, but also to clarify their need for single-frequency or multi-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine.

6、Heating power

Ultrasonic cleaning machine heating power is important for the removal of oil and wax. Generally speaking, it takes half an hour to heat the water, then you can increase the heating power.

7、Overall size

After confirming the size of the water tank, determine the overall size. But you can choose to place the location of the transducer, which will affect the size of the product used.

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