Can amber beeswax be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner?

I wonder if you have ever used ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean jewelry? I believe that every friend has used ultrasonic to clean their jewelry, especially metal jewelry, will be its cleaning effect is admired, so, so their jewelry are put into the ultrasonic to wash, such as their special favorite piece of amber pendant ……

Then you know that some jewelry can not use ultrasonic cleaning!

Generally can not use the ultrasonic cleaning machine for cleaning work jewelry are some low hardness, fragile, cracked.

And amber beeswax is an ancient resin gum fossil, hardness only 2-3, amber beeswax taboo is sharp hard objects scraping scratch, amber beeswax is also afraid of high temperature baking.

In addition amber beeswax is organic resin fossil, itself has a large number of our naked eye indistinguishable bubbles and pores, and natural amber will inevitably have a little defect, such as cracks, perhaps in the naked eye is not obvious, or difficult to see, but in the high frequency of ultrasonic vibration, it is possible to crack more obvious, or even broken.

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