What does ultrasonic mellowing mean? And what is its principle role?

Ultrasound has many application scenarios. In addition to our common detection, cleaning, mite removal, humidification, speed and distance measurement, it can also be used for alcohol and wine mellowing (aging).

Ultrasonic mellowing
Ultrasonic mellowing

Significance of ultrasonic mellowing.

The significance of mellowing (aging) of white wine: the freshly steamed wine cannot reach the effect of softness, coordination and aroma because it is too new, while the mellowed (aged) wine can be more superior in terms of aroma and taste.

Ultrasonic mellowing principle.

Ultrasonic irradiation promotes yeast reproduction and shortens the fermentation time to increase the aroma of the wine. Ultrasound is also used to accelerate the aging of wine. After the high-frequency vibration of ultrasonic waves, the lipids are accelerated to combine with ethanol and water. When stored for a short time, the wine is mellow, sweet and soft.

Ultrasonic mellowing effect.

(1), promote the role of association: enhance the affinity between polar molecules, not only enhance the degree of association between alcohol molecules and water molecules, but also may form a larger and solid polar intermolecular association group. At the same time, in order to promote the enhancement of esterification reaction, so that the system of ester molecules produced, certain esters and acids and other components may also bong with this association group.

(2), enhance the activation energy of the molecules of various substances: increase the effective collision rate between molecules, so that esterification, condensation, redox and other reactions are accelerated, which is conducive to the formation of wine alcohol ester brewing aroma.

(3), accelerating the volatilization of low boiling point components: due to the increase in molecular kinetic energy, the possible presence of hydrogen sulfide, acetaldehyde and other components accelerate the escape from the liquor, quickly eliminating spicy and other off flavors.

Ultrasonic alcoholization applications.

Yellow wine ultrasonic aging has obvious effects, the wine in the acid, alcohol, aldehyde, vinegar, ester content content change trend and the traditional aging on similar.

White wine ultrasonic treatment after the aroma are changes, ultrasonic treatment can promote the aging of white wine, the degree of white wine, total acid, total fat, methanol content, etc. have a certain impact.

Beer with ultrasonic treatment for 5min will appear the bitterness held by hops, and the use of ultrasonic in beer production and can save raw materials.

Wine ultrasonic treatment can not only age wine can also make the suspended matter and other micro-particles precipitated down, within two years can be stable.

Health care medicine wine production process can use ultrasound for both the extraction of the active ingredients of medicinal herbs can also be the role of ultrasonic aging of medicinal wine, the embodiment of a multi-use machine.

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