Ultrasonic cleaning machine how many ultrasonic oscillators? The more oscillators, the better?

Ultrasonic cleaning machine how many ultrasonic oscillators? This is not fixed, in addition, the more the number of ultrasonic vibrators, the higher the cost of ultrasonic cleaning machine, the corresponding price is also higher, but the ultrasonic cleaning machine products have good cleaning effect, but if the number is too much, the ultrasonic effect is too large but will cause damage to the workpiece.

Ultrasonic transducer
Ultrasonic transducer

The role of ultrasonic cleaning machine oscillator.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine oscillator is the core component of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, its role is to convert the ultrasonic frequency into mechanical kinetic energy, without it, the ultrasonic cleaning machine can not work, it is equivalent to an energy converter, so its official name is ultrasonic transducer. It is a component that uses pressure effect to realize the conversion of electric and acoustic energy, and is composed of radiation head, electrode piece, rear metal cover, pre-stressing screw (screw), pressure wafer and insulating tube. Widely used in ultrasonic cleaning machines and industrial high-power cleaning equipment.

Classification of ultrasonic cleaning machine oscillator types.

1, pressure wafer classification: the use of black wafer P4 series and the use of yellow wafer P8 series

2, frequency classification: low frequency series (17 ~ 23KHz), medium frequency series (25 ~ 28KHz), high frequency series (33 ~ 60KHz) and high frequency series (68-200KHz)

3, power classification: 30W series (including 35W), 50W series (including 60W), 100W series (including 80W) and other non-conventional power

4, Shape classification: straight column and speaker shape

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