Ultrasonic cleaning machine for extraction of the basic principles and characteristics

Can I use an ultrasonic cleaner for extraction? The answer is yes. The use of laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine for extraction is a very common method, widely used in many fields such as traditional Chinese medicine, food, chemical, environmental protection, etc. This article introduces the basic principles and characteristics of using ultrasonic cleaning machine for extraction

Glass instruments
Glass instruments

Ultrasonic cleaning machine extraction of the basic principles

For the extraction of intracellular substances, the cell wall is one of the important factors affecting the extraction speed, and it is difficult to achieve the ideal crushing effect by general chemical or mechanical methods. Ultrasonic waves can generate and transmit powerful energy. When it acts in a liquid, a large number of cavities (tiny bubbles) are created. These bubbles instantly increase in impact under the continuous action of ultrasound, producing an impact force of up to gigapascals, i.e., cavitation. This strong impact can rupture the cell wall and the whole organism, allowing the active ingredients inside the cell to be rapidly released and dissolved in the solvent. In addition, ultrasound has multiple effects such as mechanical effect, thermal effect and emulsification effect, all of which are beneficial to the extraction of active ingredients in plants and animals.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine extraction characteristics

Ultrasonic extraction technology is applicable to the extraction of active ingredients in plants and animals. It is a new way and a new process to change the traditional extraction process. Compared with the traditional extraction methods such as water distillation, decoction and solvent, ultrasonic cleaner extraction has the following characteristics.

1, the extraction temperature is low, to avoid the destruction of the active ingredients at high temperatures.

2, wide applicability, ultrasound can be extracted from a variety of components.

3, reduce solvent consumption, improve economic efficiency.

4, Simple operation, one equipment can be completed.

5, Short time consumption, high extraction rate.

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