How to clean the laboratory glassware? What are the cleaning methods for laboratory glassware?

In the laboratory, there is a relatively special class of apparatus, said special because they are made of glass, such as our familiar beakers, test tubes, etc., in addition to many other kinds. For these supplies, how do we clean it?

Cleaning laboratory glassware generally has three common cleaning methods.

Laboratory glassware
Laboratory glassware

Manual manual cleaning of laboratory glassware.

Advantages: better adaptability, the ability to choose according to different types of dirt and the degree of contamination.

Disadvantages: cleaning quality in general, it is difficult to achieve a balanced and stable, bad record, traceability, and poor testability

Bottle washing machine cleaning laboratory glassware.

Advantages: a full set of steps such as pre-washing, cleaning, rinsing, neutralization, disinfection, drying; washing process can be recorded, the process can be verified; good repeatability, easy to exclude risks

Disadvantages: the irregular glassware is easy to adapt to cross, and there are certain equipment costs.

Ultrasonic cleaning laboratory glassware.

Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine
Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine

Advantages: especially suitable for glassware cleaning with complex surfaces and fine lumen.

Disadvantages: ultrasonic cleaning and then water for cleaning and drying

In addition, ultrasonic cleaning machine in the laboratory industry is mainly used to clean beakers, test tube wall dirt, and is used to mix, extraction, emulsification and other auxiliary role. Because the ultrasonic energy can penetrate the inner wall of the glassware and fine crevices, small holes, dead ends, so it can be applied to any glassware, test tubes, beakers, parts or assemblies cleaning. When the cleaned parts for precision glassware, parts or accessories, ultrasonic cleaning often become to meet its special technical requirements of the cleaning method.

Ultrasonic cleaning will not cause physical damage to the object to be cleaned, can remove oil, dust, rust, dry, adjustable cleaning temperature, adjustable working time, can set their own cleaning program; body material using high-quality 304 stainless steel, anti-corrosion, waterproof performance, ultrasonic action on the water, a variety of medical instruments to be cleaned shaped parts, precision parts and artificially difficult to reach the small blind holes can be thoroughly and quickly non-destructive Cleaning.

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