Ultrasonic cleaning machine in the hardware industry application advantages

In recent years, with the rapid development of electronic technology, ultrasonic cleaning machine is like our daily life can not be separated from the cell phone. After several generations of evolution, the technology is more advanced and the effect is more significant. Similarly, its price is increasingly accepted by society, and gradually widely used in all walks of life. So why ultrasonic cleaning machine in the field of hardware industry is so widely used?

Oil removal effect comparison chart
Oil removal effect comparison chart

Ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning principle: ultrasonic cleaning is the use of ultrasonic cavitation in the liquid, acceleration and direct flow into the liquid and dirt directly, indirectly, so that the dirt layer is dispersed, emulsified, stripped and achieve the purpose of cleaning.

From the above ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning principle, it is easy to understand why it is so popular, because the ultrasonic cleaning machine with efficiency, batch advantages, the use of the industrial industry can greatly improve the efficiency of product cleaning and cleaning accuracy.

1、no matter how complex the shape of the workpiece, into the cleaning liquid, as long as it can touch the liquid, you can achieve the ultrasonic cleaning effect.

2、cleaning bubbles generated in the liquid is very uniform, the cleaning effect on the workpiece will also be very uniform.

3、With the use of cleaning agents to accelerate the separation and dissolution of pollutants, can effectively prevent the corrosion of the cleaning fluid on the workpiece.

4、No manual cleaning, eliminating the damage to the workpiece by manual cleaning and avoiding heavy and dirty physical labor.

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