Hardware ultrasonic cleaning machine selection guide and use

What is hardware?

Hardware is a tool made of gold, silver, copper, iron, tin and other metals through processing, casting, including stainless steel, used to fix, processing and decorative parts products.

And engines, bearings, chains, fine hole workpiece, can use ultrasonic cleaning to remove oil and rust!

Selection of hardware ultrasonic cleaning machine guide.

1. purchase first determine the required size, capacity size, put down can be washed;

2. I store ultrasonic 30L models below the weight of about 20-28 pounds, 30L models above the weight can be more than 500 pounds;

3. In the same capacity, it is recommended to buy the enhanced version, enhanced version of more power, more vibrators, can make the unit space to achieve maximum ultrasonic power.

Hardware ultrasonic cleaning machine
Hardware ultrasonic cleaning machine

How to use ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning hardware workpiece?

1. In addition to oil on the addition of oil powder, neutral or weak acid weak alkali can be, in addition to oil powder in my store or the local market hardware stores, cleaning agent stores can be purchased.

2. rust removal on the addition of rust remover, dust removal to join the general detergent (such as detergent), rust removal to join the industrial rust remover, wax removal to join the wax water, stripping agent solvent with stain removal oil, carbon with carbon cleaning agent, cleaning silicone with a high concentration of acetone, gum removal to use epoxy resin ungluing agent, and then open the ultrasonic assist a better effect, faster;

Use precautions.

Before connecting to the power supply, please determine whether the voltage is within the rated range. Modification of the product is strictly prohibited!

Before use, make sure the ground wire is reliably connected to prevent static electricity.

Please place the items on the cleaning basket and put them into the inner tank for cleaning

It is recommended that priority be given to the use of environmentally friendly water-soluble cleaning agents, the use of strong acidic or strong alkaline cleaning agents is strictly prohibited.

It is recommended to pause for a period of time (usually more than 3 minutes) after the machine has been working for one hour before starting the work.

Please do not use the machine under the environment of too high or too low temperature.

Please do not use the machine under the environment of strong vibration or impact.

Do not use the machine in an environment where corrosive gases or dusts are present.

Do not use the machine in an environment where water, oil, or chemicals are splashed.

Do not use the machine under the environment of flammable and explosive gas.

When there is no cleaning liquid in the cleaning tank, it is forbidden to start the machine work.

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