Disadvantages of ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine has what disadvantages?

Because the ultrasonic cleaning machine has the advantages of batch cleaning, strong cleaning ability, multi-function, reduce manpower, automation, etc., has been praised by everyone. Be everyone enthusiastically buy, so ultrasonic cleaning machine is really so good? In fact, not, ultrasonic cleaning machine is also a lot of shortcomings defects.

Ultrasonic Cleaner
Ultrasonic Cleaner

Disadvantages of ultrasonic cleaning machine a: noise

Generally speaking, the noise of the cleaning machine is about 60 decibels, very uncomfortable after a long time of operation! But in fact, in fact, you can not hear the ultrasonic. You hear only the sound of water due to the cleaning action when cleaning. But the long operation still has an impact on hearing. If you often need to use ultrasonic cleaning machine for a long time, you can use the silent type ultrasonic cleaning machine, or cleaning when the cover isolated noise.

Disadvantages of ultrasonic cleaning machine two: the harm of ultrasound

Ultrasonic wave penetration is very strong. You put water into a teacup and then put the teacup into the sink. The water in the cup will not touch the water in the sink, but the water in your cup has a very strong cavitation (the principle of ultrasonic cleaning), and generally speaking, short-term acceptance of ultrasound is not harmful to the human body, but if you receive ultrasound for a long time, it will also have a certain impact on human tissue.

Disadvantages of ultrasonic cleaning machine three: cleaning range is limited

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is only suitable for cleaning items that can be put into the cleaning machine, and in order to ensure the cleaning effect, the items should be split and then cleaned. In addition, the ultrasonic cleaning machine is not suitable for cleaning soft substances, such as clothing and so on, such items will absorb ultrasonic waves and thus affect the cleaning effect.

Through the above introduction, we can see some of the shortcomings of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, although the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine effect is very good, but the actual use of these shortcomings we can not ignore, we must pay attention to some of the situation in this area when using, so that we can better use the ultrasonic cleaning machine.

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