pcb board ultrasonic cleaning machine how to clean the circuit board, how to use?

pcb ultrasonic cleaning machine is also called circuit board ultrasonic cleaning machine, is also a popular way of cleaning machine, its main use for cleaning by the solder left rosin, flux, dust left after a long time use, or with a fan of the circuit board, such as computer motherboards and graphics cards, stubborn stains accumulated after a long time use.

pcb ultrasonic cleaning machine
pcb ultrasonic cleaning machine

Use the following method:

In fact, the steps of ultrasonic cleaning are much the same. When purchasing ultrasonic cleaning equipment, an ultrasonic cleaning basket is usually provided. When cleaning, the pcb board on the ultrasonic cleaning basket filled with a certain amount of water, add the appropriate amount of cleaning agent to start the pcb board ultrasonic cleaning machine. It should be noted that the circuit board should not be stacked too tightly, leaving a certain gap can make the cleaning effect to achieve the best.

When the ultrasonic wave normal operation, should hear the ultrasonic wave uniform resonance sound, cleaning fluid surface without stirring, only by the cavitation caused by the splash, if there is intermittent oscillation, please add some cleaning fluid or reduce some cleaning fluid to eliminate oscillation, which is conducive to cleaning items;

Ensure that in the premise of cleaning items, as far as possible without heating and intermittent work, because a long time of heating and ultrasonic will increase the temperature of the cleaning solution, which can easily accelerate the aging of the cleaning of electronic equipment;

Warm tip: the temperature of the cleaning solution, the liquid temperature between 40 degrees to 50 degrees, is very suitable for cleaning work.

Cleaning video.

The advantages of pcb ultrasonic cleaning machine in cleaning PCB, circuit board.

1. Fast cleaning speed. Circuit board ultrasonic cleaning machine rate than other cleaning methods are high, 10 to 20 times faster than the immersion cleaning, than the spray cleaning to improve the efficacy of 20% a 50%.

2. All-round cleaning without dead ends. Compared with the spray and with immersion, it does not clean dead ends, so it is more suitable for internal and external structure is complex, microscopic uneven, there are slits, small holes, corners, dense lines of electronic circuit boards.

3. The circuit board will not be damaged and deformed. Compared with the spray, professional circuit board ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning thin and tiny circuit board, will also ensure that the circuit board intact.

4. Adapt to clean a variety of stains. Can be used to remove oil, stain, rust, oxide, passivation and many other stubborn stains.

5. Applicable materials are wide. Professional circuit board ultrasonic cleaning machine is suitable for steel, cast iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, glass, circuit boards, electronic and optical components and other parts of the cleaning work.

6. Good cleaning consistency. Regardless of the need to clean the circuit board is wide or narrow, is large or small, complex structure or simple, single or batch, into the circuit board ultrasonic cleaning machine after cleaning, you can get the manual cleaning incomparable uniformity of cleanliness.

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