Ultrasonic cleaning machine work why must be added to the cleaning agent?

Ultrasonic cleaning machine using cleaning fluid to break the connection between the dirt and the workpiece, the use of water alone does not achieve a thorough cleaning effect. The main purpose of ultrasonic cavitation is also to assist the cleaning fluid for cleaning. For example: reduce the surface tension of the liquid can increase the strength of cavitation, ultrasonic cleaning fluid will contain wetting agents or surfactants.

Cleaning agent
Cleaning agent

Then we should use what kind of ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning fluid?

Often used ultrasonic cleaning fluid is a mixture containing a variety of cleaning ingredients, wetting agents and other active ingredients. Choosing the right cleaning fluid is essential to effectively clean work pieces and eliminate unwanted reactions. It is recommended to choose a professional manufacturer for consultation and purchase.

What kind of ultrasonic cleaning fluid should not be used?

It is recommended that you do not use solutions that are flammable or have a low flash point. The energy released by cavitation is converted into heat and kinetic energy, which generates high temperatures in the solution and is very dangerous for flammable liquids. Acidic cleaning solutions and bleaches should normally be avoided as they can damage stainless steel tanks or pose a hazard. However, they can be used when they are used in indirect cleaning processes, such as when beakers are used as indirect cleaning containers.

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