Ultrasonic cleaning machine how to choose cleaning agent

Ultrasonic cleaning belongs to a kind of physical cleaning, and the role of ultrasonic cleaning agent is to assist, with a unique chemical effect to destroy the molecular structure of various lubricating grease, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid and complete removal of heavy grease. Therefore, in order to get good cleaning effect, it is necessary to choose the appropriate acoustic parameters and cleaning agent according to the object to be cleaned and the dirt.

Cleaning agent
Cleaning agent

The cleaning agents used in ultrasonic cleaning machine are mostly liquid detergents, consisting of surfactants, stinging agents, other additives, and organic solvents such as trichloroethylene, etc.


When a substance is dissolved in water, even if the concentration is small, it can significantly reduce the surface tension of water and air or the interfacial tension of water and other substances, then the substance is called surfactant. The molecular structures of water-soluble surfactants are all asymmetric and polar in nature. Due to this asymmetric polar structure, surfactants are adsorbed at the interface between the aqueous solution and other phases, which greatly changes the physical properties of the system, especially the interfacial tension at the interface of each phase.

Surfactants can be classified as anionic, cationic, neutral and amphoteric surfactants according to the electrical properties of hydrophilic groups when they are dissolved in water.

2、 Chelating agent

The stinging agent and some metal ions in the solution such as Ca2+, Mg2+, etc. form a stable stinging body, so that the detergent has the function of anti-hard water, specifically in the lens cleaning, and some substances containing Ca2+, Mg2+ on the surface of the lens can be combined to achieve the cleaning effect.


The addition of additives, play the following role:.

1) buffering effect, so that the pH value of the detergent can be maintained stable;

2) anti-corrosion effect on the metal;

Surfactants, stinging agents, additives selection principles

1. The detergent has strong cleaning ability;

2、The chemical properties are soft and do not damage the washed material;

3、No chemical interaction between the components and the components fail;

4、Good bleaching and clearing properties.

The use of the temperature and concentration of the prepared washing solution should be determined by specific experiments. The role of solvent-based detergent is to achieve the purpose of cleaning by dissolving the role of it on the disk rubber, wax, asphalt. So in the ultrasonic cleaning to be based on the characteristics of the cleaning object dirt, choose the appropriate cleaning agent, only choose the appropriate cleaning agent to achieve the desired cleaning effect.

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