Ultrasonic cleaning machine with what cleaning agent, how to choose ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning agent

As we all know, in the purchase of ultrasonic cleaner, the first face to be cleaned workpiece for the following analysis: to understand the material composition of the workpiece, structure and quantity, to understand the dirt to be removed. After specific analysis, you can determine what kind of cleaning method should be used, with the same time to determine whether to use water-based cleaning agents or solvents. Thus the ultrasonic cleaner cleaning process, is supposed to be verified through the cleaning experiment, so that the ultrasonic cleaner cleaning effect can reach the desired ideal state. However, in addition to these, should also design a reasonable cleaning process, the choice of appropriate cleaning agents. In addition, also need to take into account the physical properties of the cleaning agent, because some characteristics will also have an impact on the cleaning effect of the ultrasonic cleaner, steam pressure, surface tension, viscosity and density should be significant influencing factors. Operating temperature will affect these factors, so it will also affect the cavitation efficiency. It can be seen that the ultrasonic cleaner work is necessary to use the cleaning agent.

Cleaning agent
Cleaning agent

So, in the choice of ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning fluid before, which factors should be taken into account? We generally summarized as the following three.

First, cleaning efficiency: in the choice of effective cleaning solvents, must be experimented with. For example, the introduction of ultrasound in the existing cleaning process, generally do not need to change the solvent ;

Second, simple operation: the liquid used should be safe and non-toxic, simple operation and long service life;

Third, the cost: cleaning solvents cheap to use the cost is not necessarily low price. Must consider the cleaning efficiency of the solvent, security, a certain amount of solvent can clean how many workpieces, utilization and other factors. Of course, there is the selected cleaning solvent in addition to want to achieve the desired cleaning effect, the more important cleaning solvent can not react with the workpiece material being cleaned. Water is a common cleaning solution, so the use of water-based solution system is simple to operate, the use of low cost, widely used. But some materials and dirt are not suitable for water-based solutions, so there are many solvents to choose from.

Different cleaning solutions should choose a different ultrasonic cleaning system.

Water system: usually consists of an open tank, the workpiece submerged in it. If the system is more complex, it is composed of multiple slots, and equipped with circulation filtration system, shower tank, drying tank and other accessories.

Solvent system: the main ultrasonic vapor phase degreasing cleaning machine, in addition, often equipped with continuous recovery of waste liquid device. The current new product hydrocarbon cleaning machine, environmentally safe and zero emissions, is the product favored by many companies.

In addition, also consider the cleaning parts processing. Another factor that needs to be considered for ultrasonic cleaning machine is the design of the cleaning pieces of loading and unloading or tooling. In the ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning tank when cleaning the workpiece, whether it is cleaning parts or cleaning parts basket can not touch the bottom of the tank. The total cross-sectional area of the cleaning piece must not exceed 70% of the cross-sectional area of the ultrasonic tank. Rubber and non-tempered plastic will absorb ultrasonic energy, so the use of these materials in the workpiece should be careful. Special attention should also be paid to insulating cleaning parts. If you encounter workpiece basket design is not appropriate, or the workpiece is too heavy situation, even if the ultrasonic cleaning system efficiency will be greatly reduced. Hooks, racks and beakers can be used to support the cleaning pieces.

Various types of cleaning objects corresponding to the ultrasonic cleaning agent.

1, cleaning circuit boards with alcohol or wash board water;

2, cleaning glasses with water or special glasses cleaning solution;

3、Rust removal powder for rust removal;

4、Delete oil with oil powder;

5、Delete the wax with wax remover;

6, cleaning some copper items, in addition to copper rust copper green copper powder can use vinegar (weak acidic cleaning agent)

7, cleaning some shaved metal can be used to remove wax agent;

8, silver jewelry black items with silver wash;

9, ceramic items can be cleaned with vinegar;

10, rubber parts on the sludge: you can use detergent cleaner or metal rust remover (water-soluble). Generally speaking, solvent-based corrosion is large, water-based corrosion is small, general oil removal is directly recommended with a degreaser on);

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