Can alcohol be added to the ultrasonic cleaning machine as a cleaning agent?

The answer is yes. But there are safety risks, because alcohol is a flammable and explosive liquid, and ultrasonic cleaning machine in the work process will generate heat, the use of alcohol, then easy to explode or fire, so the use of alcohol alcohol cleaning objects need to pay attention to the following issues:.

1, ultrasonic cleaning machine work will generate heat, so use alcohol as much as possible when you put a little more to accelerate heat dissipation.

2, to be in a ventilated place, so as to be able to reduce the volatilization of alcohol leads to the production of large amounts of flammable gas.

3, can not open the heating function of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, or easily dangerous.

4, choose ultrasonic cleaning machine with condensing thermostat function (most to customize), so that the cleaning fluid can be controlled in a reasonable temperature to avoid accidents.

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