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Ultrasonic cleaning machine with the use of cleaning agents in the end how to choose?

With the development of the times and the progress of technology, people’s demand for efficiency is getting higher and higher, and so is industrial cleaning. Therefore, the application of ultrasonic cleaning equipment is becoming more and more widespread, and many companies have purchased ultrasonic cleaning machine. So how to choose the cleaning agent ultrasonic cleaning machine? With what cleaning agent is better?

Ultrasonic Cleaning
Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning products are mostly metal workpieces, copper and aluminum plates, optical glass and other products of small size, high requirements for cleanliness of the items.

As ultrasonic cleaning is through ultra-high frequency vibration to achieve the cleaning effect, the environmental and safety performance of the cleaning agent itself has higher requirements. Usually, water-based cleaners are usually used.

Water-based cleaning agents are generally composed of a variety of surfactants and degreasing agents, which can be diluted with water to reduce cleaning costs. However, one thing that needs to be noted by water-based cleaners is that if they do not have anti-rust function, it will accelerate the rusting of metal components, because the maintenance layer on the surface will be removed after cleaning, which will accelerate the embroidery. If there are high requirements for rust prevention should be used with anti-rust function of the water-based cleaning agent.

But the ultrasonic cleaning machine is a wide variety of applications can be described as a wide range of cleaning agents with to the cleaning agent is also countless, so when buying ultrasonic cleaning agent, you must first ask the relevant technical staff to confirm that the product is suitable before choosing the product, and a reliable after-sales service, otherwise it is easy to cause many problems.

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