Ultrasonic cleaning machine in addition to mechanical equipment oil need to use what cleaning agent

Use ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean the oil on machinery and equipment, often need cleaning agent. So ultrasonic cleaning machine should use what kind of cleaning agent to clean the oil effect is good?

Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner
Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

Petroleum solvent cleaning agent.

Oil is a mixture of various hydrocarbons, usually always according to the different uses of the various hydrocarbons contained in the oil, with different temperatures from the oil fractionation. Generally used to do the washing and solvent with petroleum fractional distillation fractions of machinery in the presence of oily dirt decontamination ability is very strong.

There are four types of cleaning agents according to the fractionation range:

1. Fractionation range in 40 ~ 60 ℃, 60 ~ 80 ℃, 80 ~ 120 ℃ when the fraction for washing with petroleum ether.

2. The fractionation range of 80~120℃ is mostly used as a solvent for rubber industry. Fractionation range of 145 ~ 200 ℃ fractions, mostly used as solvents for the paint industry.

3. The fractionation range of 40~180℃ is light gasoline for washing, which is suitable for the washing of precise machine parts.

4. Fractionation range of 150 ~ 300 ℃ when the lutetium for kerosene, which 195 ~ 260 ℃ for the solvent kerosene, kerosene part of the high boiling point of 295 ℃ or more part of the redistillation for the washing of diesel fuel.

Organic solvent detergent.

Organic solvent cleaning agent mainly refers to the formula does not contain water organic solvents, most of the hydrocarbons (alkanes, aromatic hydrocarbons), chlorinated hydrocarbons, fluorinated hydrocarbons, alcohols, alcohol ethers, etc. as the main raw materials. There are organic solvents cleaning mechanism is mainly directly dissolve some insoluble in water, but easily soluble in organic solvents, such as (grease, wax, resin, rubber, dyes and some gum substances, etc.) and some organic type of dirt. The cleaning characteristics of organic solvent cleaning agent is a liquid at room temperature and pressure, good fluidity, low viscosity, has a strong volatility, cleaning after the material surface residue less, or will not cause residue, in the cleaning process will not cause corrosion and damage to the substrate.

Non-flammable chlorinated hydrocarbon cleaning agent.

The nature of non-flammable chlorinated hydrocarbon cleaning agent. Chlorinated hydrocarbon cleaning agent is part of the organic solvent. Due to its non-flammable, non-explosive properties, as well as special cleaning process, it is classified as a different category.

Chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents are highly soluble in grease, low boiling point, small specific heat, small latent heat of evaporation, fast heating; condensation is also fast, compared with air, its specific gravity is larger than air, stay in the lower part of the air. Among these solvents, trichloroethylene is widely used. Trichloroethylene has strong degreasing power and is an excellent grease cleaner. It also has a very strong volatility. The unit is the evaporation rate of ether. Taking the evaporation rate of ether as a unit, if ether is 1, then trichloroethylene is 3.8. Therefore, when cleaning with trichloroethylene as a solvent, there is no need for drying treatment. Trichloroethylene is suitable for cleaning of ferrous metals and oily products. If stabilizer is added, it can also be used for cleaning aluminum alloy and titanium alloy.

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