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What cleaning agent should be added to the ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean jewelry?

Ultrasonic cleaning machine placed in what liquid cleaning effect has been a lot of customers who do not understand the equipment a problem, and even some customers think that the tank does not need to place any liquid to clean their workpiece or parts, ultrasonic cleaning machine works through the vibration of the vibrator in the liquid propagation, so the medium of propagation, is liquid. Today, I would like to introduce you to several commonly used liquids, and the scope of application.

Ultrasonic wash jewelry with water-based type, semi-water-based type, solvent type.

Cleaning agent
Cleaning agent

1, water-based type. Instrument ultrasonic cleaning machine using water-based cleaning agent can reduce the surface tension of the solution to improve the decontamination effect, according to the appearance of the form, water-based cleaning agent can be divided into solid and liquid two cleaning agents, and slightly different production process, the most widely used instrument ultrasonic cleaning machine is hollow granular solid type of cleaning agent.

2, semi-water-based type. Semi-water-based cleaning agent is also called quasi-water-based cleaning agent, has a high boiling point characteristics. Instrument ultrasonic cleaning machine using this type of detergent, mainly using its stripping removal principle, rather than dissolving stains. At the same time, in order to prevent the use of oil has been stripped off again attached to the object being cleaned, the need for continuous circulation of cleaning fluid, and also increase the oil-water separator, so the use of a higher quality cleaning effect can be obtained.

3、Solvent type. Solvent-type cleaning agent can not be dissolved in water, is an organic solvent type cleaning agent, has a very high solvency capacity, so the instrument ultrasonic cleaning machine using this type of cleaning agent is not to clean the instrument on the dirty, but to the instrument for waxing, or cleaning the instrument on the rust.

Above, are several ultrasonic cleaning machine tank more common liquids, of course, there are other solvents, etc. can also be used as cleaning media, but in view of environmental issues, in general, most companies still only use the above common liquids as cleaning media.

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