What problems may occur in the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Nowadays more and more people in the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine, more or less also have some wrong operation, then from the existing situation, only they master the correct operating steps, to be able to reasonably avoid these wrong operations, in the ultrasonic cleaning machine for the actual cleaning process, which problems to avoid? This is what many people want to know.

Small ultrasonic cleaning machine
Small ultrasonic cleaning machine

1, in the electromechanical equipment overheating when cleaning

In the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning cleaning equipment is important to ensure the stability of the cleaning equipment and cleaning machine in the process of use. If the equipment is overheated under the conditions of cleaning, may lead to damage to the equipment, the same can not guarantee the cleaning effect of ultrasonic cleaning agent, so the need for certain cooling of the material to ensure the effectiveness of the cleaning in the cleaning.

2, never on the ultrasonic cleaning machine equipment for maintenance

Ultrasonic cleaning machine and electromechanical equipment need frequent maintenance, only in this way can play in the operation of the ultrasonic cleaning machine performance, reduce the amount of ultrasonic cleaning agent, so that it can be used in the effective cost control.

3, the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine before never look at the manual

Ultrasonic cleaning machine in the use of a certain operating standards, the use of the process needs to understand the specific operating knowledge of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, so that the good results to show. Many people are because they have not carefully read the manual, resulting in the use of cleaning machine scaling phenomenon, because the cleaning machine in the process of use, cleaning equipment surface oil, dust off will produce sticky and role, if not timely treatment will have a serious impact.

4, the cleaning machine will be placed in the harsh working environment use

Because the ultrasonic cleaning machine environmental adaptability are generally not strong, but also to some working conditions to adjust so that it can show good results. In some seriously polluted industrial production plant use, if there is a loss of quality or even a serious reaction to the cleaning equipment, preventing the use of cleaning machine function.

The above is the ultrasonic cleaning equipment in the use of several mistakes are easy to make, it is recommended that in accordance with the equipment manual to regulate the operation of the machine, for example, should be poured into the cleaning solution first, and then turn on the machine, otherwise there may be damage to the device.

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