Ultrasonic cleaning machine common fault determination and solutions

1, ultrasonic cleaning machine to open the power switch, the indicator light does not light the cause of the accident.

A. Power switch is damaged, no power input;

B. Fuse ACFU blown.

2, ultrasonic cleaning machine to open the power switch, the light is on, but no ultrasonic output. Cause of the accident.

A. transducer and ultrasonic power board connection plug is loose;

B. Fuse DCFU blown;

C. ultrasonic power generator failure;

D. transducer failure.

3, ultrasonic cleaning machine DC fuse DCFU blown accident causes.

A. Rectifier bridge stack or power tube burned;

B. Transducer failure.

4, ultrasonic cleaning machine to open the power switch, the machine has ultrasonic output, but the cleaning effect is not as desired. Causes and solutions.

A. Cleaning tank cleaning liquid level is not appropriate;

B. Ultrasonic frequency coordination is not well tuned;

C. Cleaning tank liquid temperature is too high;

D. improper selection of cleaning fluid.

5, transducer damage accident causes.

May be ultrasonic cleaning machine due to a long time in the use of the state of power on, the temperature will gradually rise leading to colloid melting transducer off or transducer ceramic part of the fracture.

Detection and solution: shake the table to measure the strength of the transducer insulation, insulation strength below 200MΩ has been unusable, shall be replaced by a new transducer.

The internal ceramic of the transducer will also be fractured due to long-term use, so that it does not work properly.

6, the ultrasonic cleaner insurance damage accident causes.

It is possible that the user ground wire and fire or zero wire mixed, and no grounding (the machine ground is connected to the machine shell), there may be a short circuit ultrasonic cleaner, components aging short-circuit phenomenon, resulting in insurance damage.

Detection and solution: take out the insurance to see if there is a fracture, using a multimeter through the broken file to measure whether to disconnect, replace the new device.

7, the ultrasonic cleaner power tube damage accident causes.

The power tube on the main board will be used for a long time because of the ultrasonic cleaner uninterrupted use or cleaning liquid is too little for a long time, so that the power tube short-circuit situation.

Detection and solution: When the power tube on the main board connected type, use a multimeter to measure the resistance value of the power tube pins on both sides, under normal circumstances should be about 22Ω. After taking down the power tube (disconnected from the motherboard), measuring its various pins should be inaccessible.

8, voltage regulator damage accident causes.

Voltage regulator damage is generally in the power tube resistance or short circuit, after the boot caused by its own is rarely damaged.

Detection and solution: According to the characteristics of the diode, positive conduction, reverse as of. Measured with a multimeter diode file, the forward resistance value of about 70Ω, reverse ∞. If the value deviation is too large or forward resistance value is also, replace the new voltage regulator.

9, damage to the bridge (diode rectifier circuit) accident causes.

With the regulator tube condition

Detection and solution: the same according to the diode characteristics (the bridge itself is composed of diodes)

10, inductor, isolation transformer damage accident causes.

Due to the long working hours of ultrasonic cleaning machine, inductors, transformers belong to the heat dissipation components, which itself may melt due to high temperature, burned, resulting in short circuit.

Detection and solution: damage to the inductor, transformer, in most cases intuitively can see the traces of burned, replace the new device.

11, the damage to the control board (adjustable ultrasonic cleaner) accident causes.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine works continuously for a long time, and components aging, and sometimes infiltrate the cleaning fluid related.

Detection and solution: in the case of ultrasonic cleaning machine does not work, disconnect the control board and the connection to the motherboard. Put the motherboard power, such as ultrasonic cleaning machine work, it means that the control board is damaged and needs to be replaced.

Anything has its use life, we can not stop them from leaving, but can delay their departure. So the maintenance and repair of ultrasonic cleaning machine is extremely important, I hope you can pay attention to reduce unnecessary spending and create a better life.

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