Classification, principle and advantages of ultrasonic vibration plate

Ultrasonic cleaning vibration plate, also known as vibration plate, is the ultrasonic transducer bonded sealed in a stainless steel box and ultrasonic generator ultrasonic cleaning device, suitable for placement in a variety of cleaning tanks. And ultrasonic vibration plate can be divided into 1, immersion type. 2, wall-mounted. 3, overhead type

Ultrasonic vibration plate, vibration bar
Ultrasonic vibration plate, vibration bar

Ultrasonic vibration plate principle is.

High-frequency oscillation signal issued by the ultrasonic generator, through the transducer into high-frequency mechanical oscillation and spread to the medium, cleaning solvent in the cleaning solvent in the sparse and dense forward radiation, so that the liquid flow and produce tens of thousands of tiny bubbles, the presence of tiny bubbles in the liquid (cavitation nucleus) vibration under the action of the acoustic field, when the sound pressure reaches a certain value, the bubble grows rapidly, and then suddenly closed, in Bubble closure when the shock wave, generated in its surrounding thousands of atmospheric pressure, destroy insoluble dirt and make them scattered in the cleaning fluid, when the group particles are wrapped in oil and dirt and adhere to the surface of the cleaning parts, oil is emulsified, solid particles are detached, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning parts surface purification.

The advantages of ultrasonic shock plate.

1. Ultrasonic shock plate, by the shock plate and ultrasonic generator two parts, when the standard model of ultrasonic cleaning machine is not suitable for a specific working environment, in addition to special specifications can be ordered. Can also be used into the shock plate device, converted into an ultrasonic cleaning machine, so that you can save equipment costs to achieve the cleaning effect.

2. Shock plate using all stainless steel structure alkali-resistant, acid-resistant, shock plate surface plated with hard chrome. Ultrasonic transducer adopts high quality and high performance products, high efficiency of electro-acoustic conversion.

3. The split structure is adopted, and the high-frequency wire connection with socket is adopted between the vibration plate and ultrasonic generator, which is convenient for use and maintenance.

4. Flexible installation arrangement, according to the needs of the ultrasonic radiation surface can be arranged in the bottom of the cleaning tank, side or top surface.

5. Ultrasonic shock plate can be customized according to customer requirements ultrasonic shock plate is suitable for cleaning plating parts before cleaning, watch parts, hardware and machinery parts, polyester filter core, semiconductor wafers, tools, lenses, glasses frames, jewelry, jewelry, glass, utensils and other industries, the application is wider.

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