Analysis of the correct use of ultrasonic cleaning machine

ultrasonic cleaner
ultrasonic cleaner

To properly use the ultrasonic cleaning machine first of all, we need to understand the ultrasonic

Waves can be divided into three kinds, namely infrasound, acoustic waves, ultrasound. The frequency of infrasound is below 20Hz; the frequency of sound waves is 20Hz ~ 20kHz; the frequency of ultrasonic waves is above 20kHz. Among them, infrasound and sound waves are generally inaudible to the human ear. Ultrasonic waves due to high frequency, short wavelength, and thus the propagation of good directional, penetrating ability, which is why the design and production of ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Second to know how the ultrasonic cleaning machine to complete the cleaning work.

Ultrasonic cleaning is the use of ultrasound in the liquid to form the role of instantaneous blast, the role of acceleration and direct flow into the role of the liquid and dirt directly, indirectly, so that the dirt layer is dispersed, emulsified, stripped and achieve the purpose of cleaning. Currently used in the ultrasonic cleaning machine, the role of cavitation and direct flow into the role of the application of more.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine working principle
Ultrasonic cleaning machine working principle

(1) cavitation: cavitation is the ultrasonic wave with more than 20,000 times per second compression force and pressure reduction interaction of high-frequency transformation to the liquid for transmission. In the role of pressure reduction, the liquid produces the phenomenon of vacuum nucleus group bubble, in the role of compression force, vacuum nucleus group bubble crushed by pressure to produce a strong impact, thus stripping the surface of the cleaned dirt, so as to achieve the purpose of precision washing.

(2) straight into the flow of action: ultrasound in the liquid along the direction of sound propagation to produce the flow of the phenomenon known as straight into the flow. Sound intensity at 0.5W/cm2, the naked eye can see straight into the flow, perpendicular to the vibrating surface to produce flow, flow rate of about 10cm / s. Through this straight into the flow so that the surface of the cleaned object micro-oil dirt is agitated, the surface of the dirt cleaning fluid also produces convection, dissolved dirt dissolved liquid and new liquid mixture, so that the dissolution speed is accelerated, plays a great role in the handling of dirt.

(3) acceleration: the acceleration generated by the liquid particle push. For the higher frequency of ultrasonic cleaning machine, cavitation is not significant, this time the cleaning mainly relies on the acceleration of liquid particles under the action of ultrasound impact particles on the dirt for ultra-precise cleaning.

Three to understand the principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine is what.

Ultrasonic transducer will be high-frequency oscillation electrical signals into high-frequency mechanical oscillation in the form of longitudinal waves in the cleaning fluid radiation. In the radiation wave expansion during the half-wave, the dense cleaning solution damage and the formation of numerous bubbles of 50-500 μm in diameter. This bubble is filled with solution vapor. During the half-wave of compression, the bubble signal closure, will produce hundreds of Mpa of local hydraulic impact. This phenomenon is called the “cavitation” effect. Under the continuous action of the “cavitation” effect, the dirt on the surface of the workpiece or hidden places are burst and peeled off. At the same time, under the action of ultrasound, cleaning fluid penetration enhanced; pulsation agitation intensified; dissolution, dispersion and emulsification accelerated; so that the workpiece will be thoroughly cleaned.

Four to be familiar with the ultrasonic cleaning machine is composed of which parts.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly composed of two parts: ultrasonic cleaning tank and ultrasonic generator. Ultrasonic cleaning tank with solid elasticity, corrosion-resistant high-quality stainless steel, the bottom is installed with ultrasonic transducer vibrator; ultrasonic generator to generate high-frequency high pressure, through the cable linkage line conduction to the transducer, the transducer and vibration plate together to produce high-frequency resonance, so that the solvent in the cleaning tank by the action of ultrasound to clean the dirt.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine composition
Ultrasonic cleaning machine composition

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