Glasses ultrasonic cleaning machine how to use it?

Ultrasonic cleaning is a cleaning method with good cleaning effect and high cleaning efficiency. Many friends who wear glasses see that the eyeglass washing machine in the optician’s store is very convenient, so they also bought one. At home, but do not know how to use, so how to use the glasses ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Use the following methods.

1, the ultrasonic cleaning machine on a flat table, the right amount of water and glasses cleaning solution + water mixture poured into the cleaning tank liquid, to be cleaned glasses into.

2, press the power button, the ultrasonic cleaning machine automatically start working at regular intervals, and will sound a beep to remind after the cleaning is finished. At this time, open the ultrasonic cleaning machine, take out the glasses.

3. Do not wear your glasses directly after taking them off. You must first dry the water, and then use a clean glasses cloth to absorb the residual water on the glasses. No need to wipe, directly absorb water can be.

4, the ultrasonic glasses cleaning machine will be poured out of the sewage, cleaned with water, dry and stored in a dry and cool place.


1, ultrasonic cleaning machine why you need to add cleaning agent

Ultrasonic cleaning requires the use of clean water and cleaning agent suitable for cleaning items. Home ultrasonic glasses cleaning machine is generally cleaned with water. If dirty, you can use glasses cleaning solution mixed with the right amount of water for cleaning. Glasses cleaning solution is generally made of pure water and surfactants, and some also add detergents and other alkaline detergents. Cleaning solution, germicidal agent, etc., but pay attention not to use strong acid and strong alkali cleaning agent, otherwise it may damage the glasses and corrode the cleaning tank of the ultrasonic cleaning machine. If there is no glasses cleaning solution at home, directly with water, or add some neutral cleaning solution or weak acid and weak alkali cleaning agent in water can be.

2, after cleaning need to promptly deal with the ultrasonic cleaning tank in the sewage

Yes. After glasses cleaning, glasses inside the dirt, dust, oil and other residue in the machine. You can see that the water inside the glasses ultrasonic cleaning machine has become cloudy after washing. Therefore, please deal with it in time after use so as not to pollute the cleaning tank.

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