In electroplating and other industries ultrasonic cleaning machine are able to clean what workpiece?

Plating workpiece
Plating workpiece

1. Polishing paste cleaning on the surface of polished parts

Usually, polishing paste is usually mixed with paraffin wax. Paraffin wax presents a solid state at room temperature, with large molecular weight and high melting point. It is a difficult to clean the substance, the traditional method is to use organic solvent cleaning or high temperature alkaline water boiling cleaning. If you use ultrasonic cleaning, you can use water-based cleaning agent. In the medium temperature conditions, the surface of the workpiece can be thoroughly cleaned in a few minutes. Common process flow is: ① immersion * ② ultrasonic equipment cleaning, ③ rinse with clean water.

2. Cold rolled steel surface oil and rust removal

The surface of cold rolled steel plate usually has oil or a small amount of rust. It is easy to clean, however, after cleaning with general methods, a very thin layer of floating ash will remain on the surface of the workpiece, which affects the quality of subsequent processing, and sometimes we have to use strong acid immersion to remove this layer of floating ash. However, the use of ultrasonic cleaning and appropriate cleaning solution can easily and quickly clean the surface of the workpiece thoroughly, and make the surface of the workpiece with higher activity.

3. The surface of the workpiece with oxidation and yellow rust

The traditional method is to use hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid soaking and cleaning. If the use of ultrasonic integrated processing technology, the surface of the workpiece oil and rust can be quickly removed in a few minutes, and can avoid the problem of hydrogen embrittlement caused by strong acid cleaning.

In summary, ultrasonic cleaning technology in electroplating and other industries will have a wide range of application prospects. In recent years, many electroplating manufacturers use ultrasonic cleaning equipment to replace the original acid and alkali treatment, greatly improving the quality and yield of electroplated parts, improving the production environment, and achieving good economic and social benefits

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