Can tea sets and other porcelain be cleaned with ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Can ultrasonic cleaners clean tea sets? Yes, it can! When tea is put into the cup and dried out after encountering water, a layer of scale is easily formed and attached to the tea set. Those who have cleaned tea sets know that its tedious, not only more, but also difficult to clean. If the tea set is not thoroughly cleaned during the cleaning process, it will leave behind harmful substances such as lead, iron and mercury, so special attention should be paid to cleaning.


Manual cleaning is time-consuming and laborious. Therefore, it is a good choice to use ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean the tea set.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning principle is: ultrasonic cleaning machine generator issued by the high-frequency oscillation signal, through the transducer into a high-frequency mechanical oscillation, spread to the cleaning tank medium, ultrasonic radiation in the cleaning fluid, so that the liquid vibration and produce tens of thousands of tiny bubbles, these bubbles in the role of ultrasonic waves continue to expand and close, this is called the cavitation effect, tiny bubble closure can produce more than 1000 atmospheric pressure instant high pressure blast, continuous shock wave, like a series of small firecrackers, constantly impact the surface of ceramic teaware, so that the surface of ceramic teaware and crevices in the dirt quickly peeled off, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

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