Does ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning will damage the workpiece? If so, how to prevent it?

Ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning process will not damage the cleaning workpiece? This is a lot of customers in the initial understanding of the ultrasonic cleaning machine when a question will arise.

Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner
Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

Here we have to understand the principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning.

The principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine is the role of ultrasonic cavitation, when the formation of ultrasonic bubbles after the sudden rupture of the moment can produce more than 1000 atmospheric pressure, this continuous generation of instantaneous high-pressure strong impact on the object surface, so that the object surface and crevices in the dirt quickly peeled off, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning the object surface decontamination.

Ultrasonic cavitation strength and ultrasonic power and frequency, the higher the ultrasonic power, the higher the cavitation strength; the lower the ultrasonic frequency, the higher the cavitation strength instead. High intensity ultrasonic cavitation cleaning effect will be stronger, but the damage to the item will also be greater.

The ultrasonic cavitation effect on the object damage we call cavitation erosion or cavitation corrosion, manifested in the form of the surface of the object to produce similar to be corroded plaque. Cavitation erosion is mainly due to two reasons: First, the cavitation effect is too strong, the item can not withstand; Second, the cleaning time is too long.

So how to avoid the ultrasonic cleaning machine on the item damage it?

1、Select the correct cleaning frequency

The lower the ultrasonic frequency, the stronger the cavitation effect and cleaning effect. Low-frequency ultrasound is more suitable for the rough washing of metal workpieces with low requirements for precision, the object being cleaned is not afraid of the cavitation effect. And high-frequency ultrasound itself is not easy to cause damage to the object, can be used with confidence.

2、Choose the right power supply

Ultrasonic power is not as intuitive as the frequency, even if the data is given, I believe most people will not understand. This time you need a power adjustable ultrasonic cleaning machine. Generally speaking, the power adjustable ultrasonic cleaner is adjusted by percentage, can be adjusted in the range of 0 ~ 99%. This time can be used in a number of ways to determine the appropriate power range.

3、Proper cleaning time

Cleaning time should not be too long. Too long cleaning time can easily cause damage to certain items. For example, when cleaning eyeglasses, most of them are now coated. Usually, you can clean them for a few minutes. If you take too long, the coating of your glasses can be easily damaged. Regarding the cleaning time, you need to control it yourself. If the time is too short, the cleaning effect is not good, and if the time is too long, the item will be easily damaged.

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