Why use a multi-tank machine? What should I pay attention to when customizing a multi-tank ultrasonic cleaning machine?

With the continuous progress and development of science and technology, ultrasonic cleaning equipment since its inception has been recognized and trusted by people, and the application is becoming more and more widespread. So in what case need to customize multi-tank ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Multi-tank ultrasonic cleaning machine
Multi-tank ultrasonic cleaning machine

In some production workshops, the need to use multiple tanks of ultrasonic cleaning machine for multiple cleaning of the workpiece. Multi-slot, as the name implies, there are more than one cleaning tank, usually 3 to 5 cleaning tanks. The more slots, the better the natural cleaning effect, but the cost will be higher, so to customize the appropriate multi-slot machine according to the actual situation.

Customized multi-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine considerations.

First of all, you should know the size of the workpiece and the number of times a cleaning to determine the size of a single cleaning tank. This is a particularly important point.

Second, clearly know which process the workpiece is in the production, is new or reworked, is the intermediate process or the beginning and end of the process, these determine the process configuration of the multi-tank ultrasonic cleaning machine, such as whether equipped with circulation filtration system, whether the need for oil separator, etc.. The so-called circulation filtration is to wash the water in the rinse tank after continuous circulation, so as to achieve a good rinse effect, oil separation is to separate the oil from the workpiece, only according to their own needs reasonable configuration of the corresponding auxiliary cleaning function to achieve good cleaning results, and save unnecessary spending.

In short, the more detailed parameters provided when customizing the cleaning machine, the more beneficial to customize the appropriate ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

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