Ultrasonic cleaning machine for auto repair, easy to wash the car engine above the oil and carbon

With the maturity of ultrasonic cleaning machine technology and the development of industrialization, industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine gradually popular. With its convenient and fast cleaning method, it has become the mainstream of industrial cleaning. Among them, the complex shape of the engine increases the difficulty of cleaning. And industrial auto repair with ultrasonic cleaning machine with its brushless cleaning method to successfully solve this problem, is the main choice of engine cleaning.

The engine block is the basic component of the car engine. Cylinder block is a separate accessory. When assembling the engine, the cylinder block generally includes: cylinder liner, piston, piston ring, front end cover, rear end cover, connecting rod, connecting rod shank, main shaft, main shaft shank, main shaft shank cover, thrust gasket, front and rear oil seal, oil pump, oil induction plug, engine mount, burst sensor, etc. …… These parts are suitable for ultrasonic cleaning.

Industrial auto repair ultrasonic cleaning machine is suitable for cleaning copper, aluminum, iron, steel and other metal material parts, professional cleaning of automotive parts and equipment, solving the cleaning of larger processing parts, as well as the cleaning of parts with gaps, blind holes, deep holes. Some models are equipped with PLC intelligent control, easy to operate and good cleaning effect.


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