What is the auxiliary system of ultrasonic cleaning machine?

What is the auxiliary system of ultrasonic cleaning machine? As is clear, the auxiliary system of ultrasonic cleaning machine is based on the size of the cleaning items and dirt situation configuration of the appropriate system and function to assist cleaning.

The following are the common auxiliary systems of ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine book
Ultrasonic cleaning machine book

1, circulation filtration system: the system is equipped with a filter, the cleaning tank of the liquid for dynamic filtration, to maintain the cleanliness of the cleaning solution. When the workpiece leaves the tank, the filtered liquid flows through the spray pipe in the upper part of the cleaning tank for a rinse of the workpiece, so that the workpiece is flushed out of the cleaning tank to avoid contamination of the liquid in the next cleaning tank.

2、Time control system: In the equipment control interface, a time relay is installed. Operators can freely adjust the time according to the needs of clean production. The time relay can control from zero seconds to 99 hours. When the set time is reached, the cleaning program will stop automatically.

3, conveying system: according to the shape of the workpiece to be cleaned, volume, batch, etc. to determine the ultrasonic cleaning machine conveying mode and control mode. Typical conveying methods are suspended chain line, mesh belt, double chain, step, electric hoist, self-propelled hoist, drum, turntable, gantry, robot, basket, push plate, etc.

4、Spraying and rinsing system: according to the surface of the workpiece to be cleaned, some cleaning machines are equipped with a spraying and rinsing process, by multiple groups of nozzles with fine water jets for rinsing, the ultrasonic cleaning and spraying cleaning organic combination.

5、Drying system: According to the situation of the workpiece to be cleaned, some ultrasonic cleaning machine is equipped with a drying system. Drying system is mainly composed of heaters, fans, nozzles, etc., the temperature is automatically controlled.

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