Can I use ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean diamond jewelry? What effects will it have on the jewelry?

Diamond jewelry is a favorite piece of jewelry for most ladies, and a must-have for today’s proposals. However, diamond jewelry inevitably gets tarnished after a long period of wear. This is when many people want to clean diamond jewelry, they will think of sending it to a jewelry store for professional cleaning. In fact, this kind of jewelry store cleaning is also done with ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Diamond gold and silver jewelry
Diamond gold and silver jewelry

The use of ultrasonic cleaning diamond will have a very good cleaning effect, so that the surface of diamond jewelry new. This cleaning effect comes from the ultrasonic cleaning machine cavitation effect. Cavitation effect occurs in the ultrasonic cleaning process, when the sound pressure or sound intensity on the pressure reaches a certain level, the small bubbles in the liquid will rapidly expand, and then suddenly closed. In the process of expansion and closure, the instantaneous shock wave generated by the bubble makes the diamond on the dirt from the surface, so that the dirt dispersion, emulsification, stripping, to achieve the purpose of ultrasonic cleaning.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine working principle
Ultrasonic cleaning machine working principle

Many people are worried when they hear this. Such a powerful “impact” will affect the diamond?

First of all is the cavitation effect of ultrasonic cleaning, in the cleaning of diamond jewelry at the same time, the impact of machine vibration may lead to a slight loosening of the metal set diamonds, affecting the safety of diamond jewelry. Although the impact of each cleaning is relatively small, it is likely to affect the solidity of the diamond in the long run. Therefore, ultrasonic cleaning of diamonds is recommended or not to be used frequently.

Some people may also worry about whether using ultrasonic cleaning for diamond jewelry will affect the plating of the metal. If the correct use of ultrasonic cleaning machine, high-quality plating generally will not be so easily affected, but need to consider the power of the cleaning machine, the general use of small home cleaning machine cleaning diamond jewelry, this ultrasonic cleaning machine power is small, is not the problem of security of diamond jewelry. If the power is too high, even high-quality plating is difficult to escape. Therefore, as long as you buy the right diamond ultrasonic cleaning machine, you do not have to consider the impact of ultrasonic cleaning on diamond jewelry.

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