Ultrasonic cleaning machine power to adjust how much appropriate?

Ultrasonic cleaning machine has always been a remarkable cleaning effect, easy to operate to get everyone’s favor. But we may have only heard of this equipment, how to use, what is the principle are ignorant. In fact, generally speaking, the new purchase of ultrasonic equipment in the ultrasonic manufacturer factory has been matched between the ultrasonic frequency and power, the user only needs to adjust the power potentiometer or power adjustment button on the ultrasonic generator.

multi function power adjustable semi wave ultrasonic cleaner for dental jewelry cleaning
multi function power adjustable semi wave ultrasonic cleaner for dental jewelry cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning machine power adjustment to how much is appropriate?

1. When the power is large

Ultrasonic cleaning machine power, the sound intensity will become larger, the radius of the cavitation bubble and the starting radius will become larger, the cavitation strength is enhanced. That is, the higher the sound intensity, the stronger the cavitation, which is conducive to the cleaning effect. But not the greater the power, the better the cleaning effect, but the correct and reasonable choice of ultrasonic power.

2. Power is small

Ultrasonic cleaning power selection is small, it affects the workpiece cleaning time, resulting in a long cleaning time or cleaning effect deviation.

How to choose the right power?

Power density = emission power (W) / emission area (cm2) usually ≥ 0.5 ~ 0.8 ~ W / cm2, the higher the power density of ultrasound, the stronger the cavitation effect, the faster the speed, the better the cleaning effect. But for the precision, the surface finish is very high objects, using a long time of high power density cleaning will produce “cavitation” erosion of the surface of the object.

For example: the bottom of the cleaning tank size of 600 * 400mm This size tank is generally evenly arranged in the bottom of 24 vibrators can be, as long as you know the length and width of the cleaning tank can be, 100mm distance a vibrator, horizontal and vertical are the distance, the vibrator power is generally used 50W or 60W. If the pollution is heavy, you can increase the power, evenly placed 28, the total power of about 1400w, with a 1500w generator will be able to.

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