How much does it cost to buy a laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine?

In recent years, ultrasonic cleaning is convenient and practical, by more and more researchers, enterprises and laboratory workers attention. Laboratory glassware inner wall manual cleaning efficiency is not high, laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine successfully solved this problem.

Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine can penetrate the inner wall of glassware, small crevices, small holes and dead ends and other characteristics, so it can be used to clean glassware, test tubes, beakers, parts or components. And ultrasonic cleaning can meet the special technical requirements of precision glass products, parts or components of the cleaning method, so it is widely popular.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly used for cleaning various laboratory equipment, containers, food glass metal containers, dental equipment, as well as operating rooms, endoscopy clinics, laboratories, supply rooms, dental and other institutions.

How much does a laboratory ultrasonic cleaner cost? The price of an ultrasonic cleaner depends on its capacity, but usually ranges from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. There are many ultrasonic cleaner manufacturers on the market, so you can compare them. But the purchase of laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine not only depends on the price, but also a comprehensive consideration of the ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturer’s service, product materials, technology and other factors.

Granbo ultrasonic cleaning machine long-term cooperation with the laboratory team and research units of major universities at home and abroad, to provide all kinds of laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine. Due to the product innovation and quality service, Granbo designed experimental ultrasonic cleaner is widely praised by users.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine for laboratory

  • dpf cleaning/various metal parts cleaner ultrasonic glasses washing machine
  • commercial intelligent time control dpf ultrasonic cleaning machine with basket
  • digital smart industrial ultrasonic cleaner cleaning washer machine for vibrator
  • 22 litre ultrasonic engine cleaning bath equipment with duel safety switch
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