Brief description of ultrasonic cleaning equipment need to consider the purchase

Ultrasonic cleaning technology is a very popular cleaning technology in the last two years. Compared with other technologies, it has many advantages, so many people are very interested in related products. So how should I buy ultrasonic cleaning equipment?

Ultrasonic cleaning machine book
Ultrasonic cleaning machine book

1, ultrasonic cleaning equipment manufacturers technology and product quality

For the buyer, the ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturer of the relevant technology is a very important part, because the technology is good or bad, affecting our subsequent use. We can judge whether qualified by the following 3 points.

Look at the ultrasonic frequency

Ultrasonic cleaning machine on the market, most of the frequency in the 40 ~ 50kHz or so, this frequency stage is the most moderate frequency band, in line with the use of the vast majority of scenarios. But officially because this frequency band is the most used, resulting in the quality of the oscillator (i.e., transducer) varies. And has a high frequency (100kHz or so) or low frequency (25kHz) band of ultrasonic cleaning machine, the vibrator quality is relatively good, especially certain dual-frequency machine, the vibrator must be better than the single-frequency machine. So in the purchase, conditions permitting, you can give priority to the dual-frequency machine, and then according to be cleaned to choose high-frequency or low-frequency.

Look at the power

The higher the power, the better the cleaning effect, there is no doubt about it. But too high power will be corrosive to the cleaned object, so the power is too big is not good. So how should I choose it? In fact, some manufacturers have also taken this into account, all, some cleaning machine equipment is able to adjust their own ultrasonic power, 1% to 99% adjustable. With the power adjustable function of the equipment, if the conditions allow, try to buy to the high power.

Listen to the sound

Listen to the sound, is to listen to the sound of the equipment at work. Theoretically, ultrasound is the human ear can not hear the sound, but in practice, ultrasonic cleaning machine will make a certain amount of noise, which is due to various reasons. When two types of equipment, the material is basically the same, power and frequency is also the same, which one of the noise is small, indicating that the quality is better. The reason is.

Vibrator work is not 100% in the ultrasonic band, a good vibrator in the ultrasonic band more time, the noise is small.

The noise is small, indicating that the material between the good sealing, that is, the manufacturing process requirements are higher, so that the equipment is more durable.

It means that the manufacturer is true for the sake of customers, such manufacturers in the products and services will be better.

2, ultrasonic cleaning equipment manufacturers are perfect after-sales service

Ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers
Ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers

On the one hand, the important reason for after-sales service is that the ultrasonic cleaning machine this kind of product follow-up if there are problems or maintenance, ordinary people are simply unable to complete, often need professional business to deal with. Therefore, taking into account the failure to quickly repair, and can regularly carry out all aspects of product maintenance, so after-sales service for us to select the relevant manufacturers is very important.

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