Industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine should be how to choose to buy?

Industrial cleaning machine is generally applied to the place is a harsher environment, so in the choice of cleaning machine generally have to consider the reliability of the equipment, safety, economy, technology, corrosion, complete sets, production, energy saving, maintenance, environmental performance, so we generally have to start from the following aspects.

industrial ultrasonic cleaner high cleaning effect ultrasonic washer machinery
industrial ultrasonic cleaner high cleaning effect ultrasonic washer machinery

A, clear their own needs.

1, from the cleaning object to choose high-frequency or low-frequency cleaning machine

For some parts of the cleaning requirements are particularly high, according to the material condition of the parts and their requirements in the process, you can choose a high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine; for industrial classes are larger, less precise, you can choose to use a low-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine.

2, according to the size of the choice of cleaning machine

For industrial plants, but also a comprehensive capacity and cleaning object size to choose ultrasonic cleaning machine.

3, according to the length of work to choose the cleaning machine

If the cleaning time needs to be longer, it is recommended to choose industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine; if the cleaning time is not long, you can choose a commercial class of small ultrasonic cleaning machine or laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine.

B, the price and manufacturer selection

1, choose the price of cost-effective cleaning machine

We should choose a reasonable price and quality assurance of industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine, do not pursue a moment of cheap and choose a bad quality cleaning machine, but also do not pursue too expensive prices and beyond their means.

2, choose a good after-sales service cleaning machine

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine good after-sales service can ensure that it is in operation if the machine failure or quality problems, can be effectively resolved in a timely manner, so that we can also avoid as far as possible due to damage to the cleaning machine and affect its efficiency. Therefore, we select ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers try to pick the after-sales service guaranteed manufacturers.

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