What are the characteristics of the laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine, how should I buy laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine?

With the development of science and technology, related technology fields penetrate each other, so that ultrasonic technology is not only widely used in engineering, machinery, electronics, chemical, biological, medical and other fields, but also plays a huge role in daily life.

Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine
Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine

Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine features are.

1. Good cleaning effect, high cleanliness and consistency

Ultrasonic cleaning is based on ultrasonic in the cleaning liquid medium when the transmission of the unique “cavitation effect” physical role, “cavitation effect” to form a microscopic strong shock wave and high-speed jets on the surface of the object to be cleaned, so that the dirt quickly crushed, stripped, to achieve High quality, high efficiency cleaning purpose.

Ultrasound tens of thousands of times per second negative pressure expansion and positive pressure strong compression blasting countless “cavities”, high frequency to generate countless microscopic shock waves, making ultrasound for intrusion into the cleaning fluid washed object complex internal and external surface shape, slits, deep holes, corners, dead ends and other parts of the unique excellent cleaning ability and cleaning efficiency is unmatched by other methods and It can’t be replaced by other methods.

2. Fast cleaning speed and high efficiency

Ultrasonic cleaning is currently recognized as one of the cleaning methods with good cleaning effect and high efficiency. Ultrasonic ability concentrated, its directional good, penetrating ability, with water as the medium, the pressure of water molecules to a certain degree, will quickly form the expansion of the closed molecules and explode, directly on the naked eye invisible dirt repeated impact. It has a significant cleaning effect on places that are normally difficult to clean, and the ultrasonic cleaning experience will overturn your perception.

3. No manual contact cleaning fluid, safe and reliable

Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine to machine cleaning instead of manual cleaning, not only to free your hands, and do not need to enter the hands directly in contact with the cleaning fluid, more safe and reliable, more at ease with the use.

4. No damage to the surface of the cleaning workpiece

Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine using ultrasonic cleaning technology for all-round cleaning of the workpiece, 360 ° no dead angle, no damage to the object itself, to create a new definition of safe physical cleaning.

5. Save solvent, heat, workplace and labor

Laboratory class ultrasonic cleaning machine has the function, in addition to the basic function of ultrasonic cleaning applications, not only to special appliances for professional cleaning, but also in the analysis of the object sample pretreatment, crushing, emulsification, dispersion, solubilization, extraction extraction, defoaming degassing, accelerated chemical reaction, nano-preparation and other aspects of significant effect.

How should we choose a good laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Choose a big brand, laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine, is a long-term use, in China’s ultrasonic cleaning technology industry, the current large-scale production enterprises are few, many are a small workshop, small traders, labeled e-commerce companies, such enterprises, many are to make a quick buck, low prices, quality quality can not be guaranteed, after-sales service is difficult to guarantee.

Quiet type laboratory cleaning machine, cleaning machine classification of many, but the current market is very good enterprises to optimize and upgrade the decibel of the product, resulting in the use of many people in the laboratory quiet environment, a very noisy open ultrasound, resulting in people can not concentrate on research experiments, so it is recommended in the selection of models above to pay attention to the quiet decibel can be 58-72 decibels below the product, so that you can use at ease, silent Cleaning and extraction experiments.

Choose a laboratory ultrasonic cleaner with degassing pulse jet, with its own sweep function. Because this function in the laboratory demand, is very large, especially in the extraction, emulsion cleaning effect will be very significant in some precision instruments, semiconductors, precision electronics will need this multiple microwave frequency changes to different frequency cleaning extraction cleaning.

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