How about ultrasonic cleaning machine? How to buy ultrasonic cleaning machine equipment?

Since the introduction of ultrasonic cleaning technology, its excellent cleaning efficiency has won the favor of the majority of industry users, especially its cleaning efficiency and cleaning effect significantly improved. Previously complex mechanical parts need to be in a dirty environment for a long time through heavy manual labor for manual cleaning, the application of ultrasonic cleaning machine, not only improved the labor environment, reduce the labor intensity, and greatly improve the efficiency of work. Not only improve the cleanliness, and cleaning time is shortened to a quarter of the original.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine book
Ultrasonic cleaning machine book

Ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning effect.

In the cleaning method, the cleaning methods used in industrial cleaning are generally manual cleaning, organic solvent cleaning, steam vapor phase cleaning, high-pressure water jet cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning. In the cleaning method, ultrasonic cleaning is internationally recognized as an efficient and effective cleaning method.

Its cleaning efficiency of 98% or more, cleaning cleanliness also reached a high level, while the traditional manual cleaning and organic solvent cleaning cleaning efficiency is only 60%-70%, even weather cleaning and high pressure water jet cleaning rate of less than 90%. Therefore, in industrial cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning machine is highly efficient and effective, undoubtedly suitable for large workload of cleaning. It is a good choice for cleaning, which is why all industries with high requirements for cleanliness, such as aviation instruments, vacuum coating, optical equipment, medical devices, etc., choose ultrasonic cleaning.

The advantages of ultrasonic cleaning machine are as follows.

① thorough cleaning of workpiece dead ends: ultrasonic wave cleaning machine for manual and other cleaning methods can not be thoroughly and effectively clean the workpiece, the cleaning effect is remarkable, fully meet the cleaning requirements to remove the hidden corners of complex workpiece stains;

② batch cleaning of various workpieces: no matter how complex the shape of the workpiece, put into the cleaning solution, as long as the contact with the liquid, you can achieve the effect of ultrasonic cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning machine is particularly suitable for workpieces with complex shapes and structures;

③Multi-functional cleaning: ultrasonic cleaning machine can be combined with different solvents to achieve different effects, to meet different supporting production processes, such as: degreasing, rust removal, dust removal, wax removal, chip removal, adding or phosphating, passivation, vitrified, electroplating, etc. .

④ Reduce pollution: ultrasonic cleaning can effectively reduce pollution, reduce the harm of toxic solvents to the human body, environmentally friendly and efficient.

⑤ Reduce labor: the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine can achieve automatic cleaning and drying of workpieces. Workpiece cleaning and loading end only need to deploy an operator, greatly reducing the number of personnel required for manual cleaning and cleaning time.

⑥Short operation time: Compared with manual cleaning, the cleaning time of ultrasonic cleaning machine is shortened to one quarter of manual cleaning;

⑦ reduce labor intensity: manual cleaning: cleaning environment is harsh, physical labor, complex mechanical parts need long-term cleaning needs ultrasonic cleaning: low labor intensity, cleaning environment is neat and orderly, complex parts cleaning automation efficient.

⑧ environmental protection and energy saving: ultrasonic cleaning is equipped with a circulating filtration system, which can realize the recycling of cleaning solvent filtration and reuse, which is significant to save water resources, cleaning solvent costs, and improve the company’s environmental protection.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine which is good? How to buy ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers
Ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers

First, the purchase of ultrasonic cleaning machine, the first thing to understand how your products are cleaned

Second, the need to achieve what kind of cleaning effect

Third, estimate the output of the company’s products, as well as the production capacity of the machine to be purchased.

Third, to understand the cleaning process, ask their peers with what process, or consult the ultrasonic manufacturer has no newer cleaning process

Five, choose some professional manufacturers for cleaning process, price and after-sales service guarantee barrier comparison

Six, is in the signing of the contract will be the brand and model of the materials used in the equipment, the price of consumables, maintenance terms and conditions written into the contract agreement to prevent fraud by some bad manufacturers

Seven, is the acceptance, if it is a large equipment, try to bring the workpiece to the production company for on-site inspection.

Eight, after the installation is completed, complete the training of your company’s employees. You must ensure that your staff really learned it, not the installer said it has been trained.

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