How to use ultrasonic cleaning machine, the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine need to pay attention to what matters?

Ultrasonic cleaning machine as advanced cleaning equipment and precision instruments, must be used in strict accordance with the use of processes and methods, shall not be illegal operation, otherwise it may lead to irreparable consequences, not only damage to the product itself, but also on the expensive workpiece. In the case of high frequency of use, to carry out scientific maintenance, can improve the service life, the use of this product should pay attention to the following points.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine book
Ultrasonic cleaning machine book

1, pay attention to the liquid level standard (below the standard please do not turn on the machine)

As the ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning tank capacity is different, the requirements of the liquid level is also different. Before using the ultrasonic oscillator, please read the manual carefully. Understand the minimum tank depth and liquid level depth, do not turn on the power when the liquid level is not up to standard or no liquid, otherwise the cleaning machine may be damaged.

2, pay attention to the type of cleaning agent (do not choose corrosive products)

Ultrasonic cleaning machine available pure water and other cleaning, but also available clean water and cleaning agent mixed cleaning. For different workpieces, the choice of cleaning agent should pay special attention. First, the cleaning agent can not cause corrosion or damage to the body of the ultrasonic oscillator, but also to meet the cleaning requirements of the workpiece. Pay attention to the temperature of the cleaning agent performance changes. Some cleaning agents have poor temperature resistance, high temperature may corrode the ultrasonic cleaning machine. Therefore avoid using such cleaning materials.

3, pay attention to the temperature peak (peak during the prohibition of power on)

Most high-quality ultrasonic cleaning machine is equipped with self-protection function, can protect the safety of the equipment itself. After a long period of use, the internal temperature of the cleaning machine will increase exponentially, at this time the automatic temperature detection system of the equipment will send a signal, so that the equipment immediately stop and in a dormant state. At this time, it is prohibited to manually start the machine, so as not to cause damage to the equipment due to poor heat dissipation.

4, pay attention to cleaning the inner liner (to prevent the impact of the next batch of workpieces)

Generally speaking, the frequency of professional ultrasonic cleaning machine can not be too frequent, should be intermittent work. Pay attention to thoroughly clean the inner liner, so as not to corrode the inner liner with the dirt in the workpiece, but also to avoid the impact of the cleaning agent on other workpieces. So in principle, after using different ultrasonic cleaning agents for different types of workpieces, the inner tank should be drained and thoroughly cleaned, and then clean the next wave of workpieces.

The above is the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine precautions. In addition, it is also necessary to turn off the switch and unplug the power supply in time after the cleaning machine is used. Leaving the power supply in the cable hole for a long time will also accelerate its aging and may also cause danger. At the same time, it should be noted that the ultrasonic cleaning machine after cleaning, it is best to use an absorbent cloth to wipe away the moisture, which can extend the life of the ultrasonic cleaning machine.

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