When cleaning something with ultrasonic cleaning machine, how long is the appropriate cleaning time?

When using an ultrasonic cleaner to wash something, many people don’t know how to control the cleaning time. In fact, there is no exact time. Ultrasonic cleaning machine specific use time depends on the ultrasonic power, ultrasonic frequency, cleaning agent, the workpiece being cleaned about.

Ultrasonic Cleaning
Ultrasonic Cleaning

1、Ultrasonic power

For example, when the ultrasonic power is stronger, cleaning time can be used to clean less time. If it is cleaning glasses, necklaces, bracelets, gold and platinum jewelry, jewelry and other small household items, cleaning objects are dust, for oil stains and other dirt, generally need 3-5 minutes. But if the object to be cleaned is relatively large and heavy dirt, it will not stop. General cleaning in the factory industry takes 15-30 minutes. When the ultrasonic power is too weak, it is not a matter of cleaning time length, it is likely that the cleaning is not clean.

2、Ultrasonic frequency

The general market between 28KHz-128KHz ultrasonic cleaning equipment is mainly used for cleaning line. Cleaning time depends on the number of cleaning process. If you choose a fully automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine for the entire cleaning process is also a long-term viable method, relatively more efficient than manual cleaning, cleaning level will be relatively clean.

Transducers below 40 KHz are mainly used for hardware and metal parts. They are widely used in the railroad industry, aerospace, marine, automotive and other industries. The spare parts of these industries are often dirty and heavy with oil and relatively rough, so they need a relatively strong low frequency transducer, and the cleaning time is usually about 20-30 minutes. Some precision optical parts using high-frequency transducer, high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine is relatively less expensive than the price of low-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine more expensive. In the laboratory, medical research and other places, cleaning objects more fine and detailed, vibration intensity should not be too large. The general choice of frequency in more than 40KHz ultrasonic cleaning machine, cleaning time generally varies from 5-30 minutes.

3、The choice of cleaning agent

The length of cleaning time is also related to the cleaning agent. For some chemical dirt, the need to join the cleaning agent to produce a chemical reaction, in order to achieve thorough cleaning. If the cleaning agent is not selected correctly, the ultrasonic cleaning machine will not be cleaned. Therefore, cleaning is not clean generally is not the fault of the ultrasonic cleaning machine. After all, the ultrasonic cleaning machine only plays a physical cleaning role.

4、The object to be cleaned

Ultrasonic cleaning time and the object itself has a lot to do with the dirt, heavier dirt is usually more shallow dirt need longer to clean. However, it is not the longer the cleaning time is better. If the cleaning time is too long, we must consider whether to choose the wrong cleaning equipment or methods.

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