Ultrasonic cleaning machine in the process of use should pay attention to these issues

Improper use of ultrasonic cleaning machine, not only will affect the normal work of the cleaning machine, but also lead to poor cleaning results and equipment, cleaning items damage, etc.. And to avoid this situation to understand, how to avoid this situation it!

The use of ultrasonic cleaning machine precautions.

1, ultrasonic cleaning machine power supply and heater power must have a good grounding device.

2, ultrasonic cleaning machine is strictly prohibited in the tank without water or solvent, do not start, because it will cause empty vibration, resulting in scrapping or damage to the vibration head.

3, there is a heating system cleaning equipment is strictly prohibited when no liquid to open the heating switch.

4, prohibit the use of heavy objects (iron) hit the bottom of the cleaning cylinder, so as not to damage the energy converter chip.

5, the bottom of the cleaning cylinder should be flushed regularly, there should not be too much debris or dirt.

6, Do not put your fingers into the cleaning tank during the operation of the cleaning machine, otherwise you will feel tingling or discomfort.

7, each time a new liquid, wait for the ultrasonic start before washing parts.

8, the use of water or water solution as a cleaning agent, try not to use alcohol, gasoline or any flammable gas as a cleaning agent into the cleaning machine, easy to cause the fire, explosion, etc.

9, the ultrasonic cleaning tank temperature of 60 ~ 70 ℃ is appropriate, according to the different cleaning objects to choose the correct cleaning agent. Cleaning agent is generally divided into water-based (alkaline) cleaning agent, organic solvent cleaning agent and chemical reaction cleaning agent. Usually use mostly water-based cleaning agent, according to the degree of contamination of the cleaned object and the nature of the dirt, choose a different cleaning time

10, in the use of the machine should be avoided when working continuously for a long time so as to cause mechanical fatigue and damage to the machine, so the ultrasonic cleaning machine business proposal to use half an hour after the rest period and then continue to operate. In addition, if the cleaning is very small parts, in order to facilitate the management and play a certain protective measures, should be used mesh cage.

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