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Ultrasonic cleaning machine how to set the cleaning time?

Ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning time is how long? Many people bought ultrasonic cleaning machine, because it is the first time to use do not know how to control the cleaning time. In fact, this is not the exact time.

Ultrasonic Cleaning
Ultrasonic Cleaning

The factors that determine the length of ultrasonic cleaning time are as follows.

Decide the ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning time factor one: for example, when the ultrasonic power is stronger, you can use less time to clean.

Decide the ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning time factor two: the type of dirt and cleaning the size of the item, for example, is cleaning glasses, necklaces, bracelets, gold and platinum jewelry, jewelry and other small household items, cleaning objects such as dust, grease and other dirt, generally need 3-5 minutes.

However, if the object to be cleaned is larger and the dirt is thicker, it will take longer to clean. General factory industry cleaning takes 15-30 minutes. When the ultrasonic power is too weak, then it is not the problem of cleaning time length, but likely to clean the problem of unclean.

Decide the ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning time factor three: ultrasonic frequency is also to determine the cleaning effect. General market between 28KHz-128KHz ultrasonic cleaning equipment is mainly used in the cleaning line. Cleaning time depends on the number of cleaning process. If you choose fully automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine for the entire cleaning process, compared to manual cleaning is more efficient, cleaning cleanliness will also be relatively clean.

However, transducers below 40KHz are mainly used for hardware and metal parts. They are widely used in the railroad industry, aerospace, marine, automotive and other industries. These industrial parts are usually dirty and heavy, with rough appearance, so they need stronger low frequency transducers, and the cleaning time is usually about 20-30 minutes.

In the laboratory, medical research and other places, the cleaning object is more fine and detailed, the vibration intensity should not be too large. The general choice of frequency in more than 40KHz ultrasonic cleaning machine, cleaning time generally varies from 5-30 minutes.

Some precision optical parts using high-frequency transducer, high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine price is relatively lower than the low-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Decide the ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning time factor four: the length of cleaning time is also related to the cleaning agent. For chemical dirt, you need to add cleaning agents, chemical reactions, in order to achieve a thorough cleaning effect. But if the cleaning agent is not selected correctly, the ultrasonic cleaning machine can not be cleaned even if scrapped. Therefore, cleaning is not necessarily the problem of ultrasonic cleaning machine.

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