Which cleaning agent is good for cleaning products with ultrasonic cleaning machine? How to avoid stepping in the pit?

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly divided into solvent-based cleaning machine and water-based cleaning machine two categories. Cleaning agent in the cleaning process with decomposition, solubilization, emulsification, dispersion and other effects, and then by the ultrasonic “cavitation” resulting in the impact will strip the object surface dirt layer.

Cleaning agent
Cleaning agent

The cleaning agent will affect the cleaning effect of ultrasonic cleaning machine. Therefore, should be careful to choose the appropriate cleaning agent. The following five elements should be noted when choosing.

1, cleaning effect and cleaning efficiency: through the sample and batch experiments to choose an effective cleaning solvent.

2, easy to operate, non-corrosive: the liquid used should be harmless, non-corrosive, easy to operate.

3, durability and cost, etc.: the cost of using cheap cleaning solvents is not necessarily low. Use need to consider the solvent cleaning efficiency is not high, good durability or not, a certain amount of solvent can clean how many workpieces, utilization and other factors; calculate the cost of the selected cleaning agent to achieve the cleaning effect with the workpiece material.

4, the choice of cleaning agent: try to choose a water-based cleaning agent, because the ultrasonic machine in the work of heating oscillation process, solvent-based cleaning agent is not as stable as water-based cleaning agent, prone to accidents. In addition, the ultrasonic cleaning machine manual will mention that the cleaning tank volume should be added to 2/3 of the cleaning solution, but in fact, some people in order to save costs, often add a small amount, which may also damage the circuit board and components.

5, environmental issues: environmental issues are issues that should not be ignored. Although enterprises hope that the interests of the supreme, but with the relevant departments concerned about pollution problems in all walks of life, do not pay attention to environmental protection will certainly lead to damage to the interests of enterprises. Environmentally friendly cleaning agent should have environmentally friendly and harmless characteristics, can degrade the wastewater treatment, so that the enterprise’s wastewater discharge to meet legal standards, while bringing a safe and secure working environment to the production line operators.

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