What method can be used to quickly and thoroughly clean all kinds of oil and dirt in industrial production?

There are various types of oil stains in industrial production, and the oil stains formed are very different because of different working environments. Different types of oil stains need to be cleaned with different industrial cleaning agents in order to achieve the purpose of removing oil stains.

Industrial parts cleaning
Industrial parts cleaning

According to the different cleaning principles, we can be industrial oil stains cleaning methods are divided into physical cleaning, chemical cleaning, physical plus chemical cleaning of these three, and the workpiece oil removal methods are mainly the following three: ultrasonic cleaning, organic solvent cleaning, scrubbing.

Ultrasonic cleaning

The use of water-based cleaning agent cleaning, with the ultrasonic cleaning machine vibration so that the solvent produces a large number of small bubbles, these small bubbles in the formation, growth and precipitation of a strong mechanical force, prompting the workpiece surface adhesion of grease, dirt quickly detached, thereby accelerating the cleaning process, shorten the cleaning time, so that oil removal more quickly and thoroughly.

PS: the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine must be paired with industrial degreasing agent in order to play a degreasing effect, degreasing agent is a complex mixture of organic and inorganic chemicals in a water matrix. In metal processing, food, textiles, transportation, shipping, construction, electrical appliances, medicine, chemical and other industrial fields have a wide range of uses.

Organic solvent degreasing

Organic solvent degreasing is the use of the principle of “like dissolves like” to remove oil from the surface of the parts. But there are some cheap enterprises to clean the surface of the workpiece oil, will use kerosene, trichloroethylene, white oil, Tiana water, trichloroethane, etc. to clean, but these cleaning agents will not only cause serious ecological pollution, but also affect the health of the workers.


The use of rags to scrub the oil, the cleaning solvent will be dipped in the cleaning cloth, and then scrub the surface of the workpiece to remove the surface of the dirt, grease, this method requires manpower, and more time-consuming, generally not recommended.

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