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How about the oil and rust removal effect of ultrasonic cleaning machine

The use of ultrasonic cleaning equipment can shorten the time of degreasing and rust removal, improve the quality of degreasing and rust removal, while enhancing the process of degreasing and rust removal. It is especially suitable for precision parts and hardware parts with complex shapes. It has obvious degreasing and rust removal effect on the metal, bearing, chain and mold which are difficult to handle on the surface, and can overcome the damage caused to the parts by manual cleaning. Ultrasonic oil removal, rust removal and degreasing is based on the principle of cavitation, and the ultrasonic frequency of 40KHz is high frequency ultrasonic wave. Under the action of ultrasonic wave, coupled with the chemical action of cleaning agent, the moment of bubble generation, the bubble is broken and dispersed under pressure due to the action of pressure, while generating shock wave. This shock wave can clean the surface of hardware parts and promote the stripping of oil stains.

In addition, the effect of oil and rust removal is closely related to the size of the parts, the complexity of the shape, the location of the parts, the composition of the surface oil and whether to add cleaning agents. In general, the ultrasonic cleaning machine to remove oil and rust used in the frequency of 40KHz. the placement of parts is very important. Parts in the cleaning tank rotation or rotation, so that all parts of the cleaning tank can be ultrasonic radiation, so as to achieve a better cleaning effect.

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