Cleaning hardware parts oil, use industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine

The main application scenario of industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine is to clean hardware parts of oil, wax, carbon, dirt, etc..

Ultrasonic cleaning oil has a natural advantage, but with the heating function (you can control the temperature at about 60-70 degrees, the general ultrasonic cleaning machine heating range is room temperature – 80 ℃), adding oil removal cleaning agent, it is possible to achieve a more satisfactory cleaning effect.

It should be noted that: as the ultrasonic frequency determines the cavitation bubble rupture generated shock wave strength, the frequency of ultrasonic cleaning is generally within a specified interval. The lower the frequency of the cleaning machine cavitation effect will be more obvious, but the noise is also relatively high, generally applicable to the object surface is relatively flat, large, heavy parts or high-density material workpiece (generally 28khz). The higher the frequency cavitation effect is weaker, but the noise is relatively low, suitable for smaller and more precise parts or remove tiny particles, such as clock parts, electronic crystals and other shapes are more curved and complex (generally 40khz). For ultra-small gap, deep holes, slit parts cleaning, with high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning instruments (generally 40kHz or more) will be better.

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