Hardware parts cleaning in general with what ultrasonic cleaning machine is good?

With the development of the manufacturing industry, the cleanliness of various spare parts is becoming more and more demanding, similar to various bearings, cylinder blocks, automotive parts, complex structure, in the process will be attached to many oil stains, if you rely on traditional cleaning methods, it is difficult to achieve clean standards. And hardware ultrasonic cleaning machine can solve this problem.

Types of hardware ultrasonic cleaning machine

1, desktop machine: can be placed on the countertop of the smaller specifications, suitable for small batch cleaning hardware;

2, single slot machine: cleaning tank size can be customized, can work for a long time without interruption, suitable for high-volume cleaning.

3, Multi-slot and automatic cleaning line. Multiple cleaning, suitable for factory flow operation. For the cleaning of hardware, the use of ultrasonic cleaning effect compared to manual efficiency, the effect is better. Therefore, many hardware factories need to purchase hardware ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Stainless steel ultrasonic cleaning machine refers to the stainless steel as the main material of the ultrasonic cleaning equipment. In fact, most of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is made of stainless steel, only the home type is mainly made of plastic.

However, in accordance with industry practice, generally speaking, stainless steel ultrasonic cleaning machine refers to small tabletop cleaning machine, Granbo production of ultrasonic cleaning machine using imported stainless steel Su304 T1.0 material, acid and alkali resistance, durable. There are many specifications of stainless steel ultrasonic cleaning machine, the size varies, customers can buy according to actual needs.

The principle of the hardware ultrasonic cleaning machine

Hardware parts ultrasonic cleaning machine principle is the high-power ultrasonic frequency source of acoustic energy into mechanical vibration, through the cleaning tank wall, the tank cleaning liquid for ultrasonic radiation.

As a result of ultrasonic radiation, the tank in the liquid micro bubbles in the action of sound waves will continue to vibrate. When the sound pressure or sound intensity reaches a certain level, the bubble will rapidly expand, and then suddenly close and rupture. In this process, the bubble rupture will produce a shock wave, so that the pressure around the bubble is 1012-1013pa, and local temperature regulation. The tremendous pressure generated by ultrasonic cavitation can destroy insoluble dirt and cause it to partition into solution. Steam cavitation directly and repeatedly impact the dirt.

The advantages of hardware ultrasonic cleaning technology

On the one hand, it destroys the adsorption of dirt and cleans the surface of the parts, on the other hand, it causes fatigue damage and makes the dirt layer fall off. Vibration of the air bubble scrubbing solid surface. Once the dirt layer can be drilled joints, bubbles immediately “drill” into the vibration so that the dirt layer off. Due to cavitation, the liquid is rapidly dispersed and emulsified at the interface. When the solid particles are wrapped in oil and attached to the surface of the cleaning part, the oil is emulsified, solid particles fall off on their own.

Ultrasonic waves in the cleaning fluid propagation, will produce positive and negative alternating sound pressure, the formation of a jet, impact cleaning parts. At the same time, due to the non-linear effect, acoustic and micro-acoustic currents will be generated, and ultrasonic cavitation will produce high-speed micro-jets at the solid-liquid interface. All these effects can destroy the dirt, remove or weaken the boundary layer of dirt, increase agitation and diffusion, accelerate the dissolution of soluble dirt, and enhance the cleaning effect of chemical detergents. It can be seen that any place where you can immerse the liquid and have an acoustic field has a cleaning function, and its characteristics are suitable for cleaning parts with very complex surface shapes. Especially with the use of this technology, the amount of chemical solvents can be reduced, thus greatly reducing environmental pollution.

The cleaning effect on hardware is more thorough, safer operation, energy saving, high efficiency, mass cleaning, time and effort saving, thus reducing labor, damage and money, thus greatly reducing the reduction of cleaning costs. Ultrasonic cleaning machine will be unanimously recognized and applied in the industrial field in the future. It is an important process in the production of hardware and machinery industry, which has a great impact on the quality and efficiency index of finished products.

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