What are the requirements of medical institutions for the cleaning and disinfection of medical devices?

Medical ultrasonic cleaning machine in medical, health, health care institutions everywhere, including hospitals, clinics, outpatient clinics, hospitals, maternal and child health care centers, obstetrics and gynecology hospitals, tuberculosis hospitals, family planning technical service stations, sanatoriums, rehabilitation hospitals, health stations, blood stations, medical clinics, etc.. So you know why medical institutions so fond of medical ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Medical, medical dental ultrasonic cleaning machine
Medical, medical dental ultrasonic cleaning machine

This is because the medical ultrasonic cleaning machine can fully meet the medical institutions on the medical device cleaning and disinfection requirements

1、fast cleaning speed, good cleaning effect, high cleanliness, instrument cleanliness consistent, do not damage the surface of the workpiece, safe and reliable cleaning instrument deep holes, slits and hidden places.

2、Save cleaning agent, heat energy, workplace and labor, etc.

3、High cleaning accuracy, can strongly clean fine stain particles.

4、no need to touch the cleaning solution with your hands, can effectively isolate medical personnel, protect the safety of medical personnel, to achieve the cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of medical devices.

Medical ultrasonic cleaning machine can clean and wash hospital scalpels, hemostatic forceps, endoscopic biopsy forceps, forceps, injection needles, various sizes of syringes, test tubes, glass pieces, changing bowls, various plates, barrels, pressure gauges and other radioactive, polluting, small batch, high cleanliness prepreg, is the necessary equipment for hospital operating rooms, supply rooms and sterilization centers.

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