How to clean threaded hardware parts? A quick way to clean threaded hardware parts

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is through the cavitation effect to achieve ultrasonic cleaning, so for deep holes, blind holes and other difficult to clean the workpiece, high cleaning efficiency, cleaning effect is remarkable. So how to clean the threaded hardware parts?


What is threaded hardware parts

With a specific cross-sectional continuous projection, threads are divided into cylindrical threads and tapered threads according to their parent shape; external and internal threads according to their position in the parent, and shaped into triangular threads, rectangular threads, trapezoidal threads, serrated threads and other shaped threads according to their cross-sectional shape (tooth shape). These hardware parts with complex surface design increase the difficulty of cleaning threaded hardware parts.

Such complex parts, how do we clean the threaded hardware parts?

Ultrasonic cleaning machine can effectively clean threaded hardware parts, although the threaded hardware parts are not only complex surface design, internal design is also very complex. Sometimes there are external threads, internal threads, deep holes and blind holes at the same time. Such workpieces are difficult, but as long as there is an ultrasonic cleaning machine, as long as the cleaning fluid can reach the place, the ultrasonic cleaning machine can clean.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning threaded hardware parts.

One, add cleaning cleaning agent is a necessary auxiliary cleaning steps. Cleaning fluid should be submerged in the workpiece and reach more than 2 \3 in the inner tank to avoid dry burning.

Second, to adjust the cleaning time, temperature, power and frequency. Only choose suitable these attributes to reflect the cleaning effect correctly.

Second, you can use the cleaning basket to load and unload the material, improve the cleaning efficiency and protect the bottom tank transducer more comprehensively.

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