How to remove rust, quick way to remove rust

Rust, also known as iron oxide, is the chemical name for iron oxide. People often ask “how to remove rust”, “how to wash away rust”, “how to remove rust”. If you haven’t found a good way, it must be the wrong way. After reading this article, I believe you will have the answer. Let’s start with the common rust removal methods and how to remove rust quickly.

Common methods of rust removal

People often use these methods to remove rust.

(1) Manual rust removal, using hammers, knives, shovels, wire brushes, coarse sand cloth (paper), etc., to take out various violent hammer, scrape, shovel and brush corroded metal surfaces.

(2) Rust removal by power tools. Also known as semi-mechanical descaling, mainly using wind (electric) brush wheel or various types of descaling machines to remove rust from the surface of the workpiece.

(3) Shot blasting descaling (also called sand blasting descaling), mainly with the help of oil-free compressed air or high-pressure water.

(4) Chemical descaling (also known as pickling descaling). Mainly using inorganic dilute acid solution to brush (spray) dip the rusted metal surface.

(5) Rust remover to remove rust. It mainly uses a weak acidic chemical solution (i.e. rust remover) to brush on the metal surface or let the metal soak in the chemical solution to chemically react with the rust on the metal surface to achieve the purpose of rust removal.

However, it should be noted that: rust removal is still a suitable method to remove rust by using the right combination of methods according to different metal products and different needs.

So is there a universal fast rust removal method?

The answer is yes, that is, ultrasonic cleaning machine, most of the customers who choose our products to remove rust, mostly used for electronic parts, hardware, small and medium-sized bearing rough washing, rinsing, dewatering and rust prevention, pretreatment of electroplated parts, etc.. This basically sums up the application range of our products in rust removal.

When customers buy our products, they always ask whether our ultrasonic cleaning machine can remove rust? Our answer must be yes, our ultrasonic cleaner is not only used to clean basic dust dirt and grime, but also can effectively remove oil, remove rust and prevent rust. However, ultrasonic cleaning machine is only physical cleaning after all. For special stains, the corresponding cleaning agent should be used for cleaning. This effectively combines two types of cleaning (physical cleaning + chemical cleaning).

Early ultrasonic cleaning machine is not popular when most factories use manual chemical cleaning or the use of a variety of chemical agents to clean the surface of the object of contamination sources or coverings for chemical transformation, dissolution, stripping. This is indeed enough to achieve the purpose of removing grease, rust and dirt. However, chemical agents have been a great safety hazard to the human body, but also to the surrounding environment will have a very large impact on environmental protection is very unfavorable.

So how does the ultrasonic cleaning machine remove rust?

Cleaning video.

Cleaning steps.

Step 1: Pour water into the cleaning tank of the ultrasonic cleaning machine

Step 2: Add rust remover to enhance the effect

Step 3: Put the items to be cleaned into the cleaning tank

Step 4: Turn on the heating and ultrasonic switch, the ultrasonic waves accelerate the chemical reaction between the rust remover and iron oxide, acting on the cleaned items, and then wait for a period of time.

Step 5: Take out the cleaned items

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